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Large Scale NATs

Although they may be temporary, it looks like large scale NATs will be deployed as a bridge between v4 and v6 in ISP and mobile networks. W…

Started by Bruce SinclairLatest Reply

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gogo6 Pro with /56

I need a Pro account with /56. How can I get it? Or give me a working free gogo6 server without /56 please. Thank you.

Started by Елена Дроздова

1 on Monday
Reply by gogo6


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Started by jackayal jackson

0 Jan 13


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Started by margnab smith

0 Dec 29, 2015

Windows 10 N Pro

GoGo6 does not yet support Windows 10 N Pro. Anyone have any idea of when it will?

Started by Dennis Shipman

0 Dec 28, 2015

Will you continue to use only tunnel? Or do you plan to convert entirely to IPV6?(터널링만 쓰실 건지 IPV6로 완전 넘어가실 건지?)

-> (Korea Language - Hangul) 한국에 살고 있는 정원영입니다. ㅎㅎ WhitePaper(논문)이 아니라 저는 육체적으로 실험했습니다. 리눅스에서 실험 했습니다. 어떻게 보시나요? 전체 전환을 하는 게 맞는지 아니면 IPv4…

Started by 정원영(JeongWonYeong)

1 Dec 13, 2015
Reply by James Knott

Problem with connection.

The connection is interrupted by N hours / minutes. I have to restart the adapter. The problem of the adapter there are many IP addresses a…

Started by Andrey Smirnow

0 Dec 8, 2015

Will Canada wake up to IPv6 now that ARIN has run out of IPv4 addresses?

For those who aren't familiar with Canada's network topology, IPv6 adoption is abysmal. All of the Major ISP are stuck in IPv4. Look up any…

Started by Craig Miller

2 Oct 9, 2015
Reply by Craig Miller

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Started by Cecil Barber

0 Sep 5, 2015

OpenStack: can not ping host ip

I created ext-net and a subnet inside the External Network using the addresses of subnet in which my physical machine exists i.e…

Started by Arslan Qadeer

1 Aug 9, 2015
Reply by James Knott

iPhone 6 and IPv6

I was recently given an iPhone 6 for my work phone.  While I can connect to IPv6 sites with it, while connected to my home WiFi, the IP add…

Started by James Knott

2 Jul 14, 2015
Reply by chungcutimescity



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