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Today the IPv4 counters show there is 1 year left for IANA IPv4 depletion date or X-Day !

Note that this is a conservative estimate as a few months ago the prediction was October 2011. A less conservative estimate taking into consideration exponential growth of IPv4 demand on a regional level shows April 2011 for X-Day, more at http://ipv4depletion.com/ 


One can download the depletion counter gadgets for Win, Mac and iPhone from http://inetcore.com/project/ipv4ec/index_en.html


Any ideas or plans for events to mark this end of an era ?



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I find it curious that ipv4depletion.com has an IPv4 address. ;-)
1 day after this news, and now there are 360 days left, showing exponential demand in action !
The Internet will not die or stop growing. We have IPv6! However, I do think the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space warrants some kind of a par-tay....
I think ipv4 still need use some time. full change to ipv6 not easy now. but I think more and more software will support ipv6.
It's operating systems that have to support it and modern ones do. Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac all support it. Even my Google Nexus One, along with other Adroid 2.x devices, does. The big problem is getting the ISPs on board. A few weeks ago, I was talking to the hosting site manager for a major Canadian ISP & telecom company. He said they currently don't have any plans for IPv6! I believe Telus is making some moves, but I haven't heard of anything from any other Canadian telecom company, not even the new start up cell companies.
yes. and many ISP don't offer ipv6 mail. just I try offer ipv6 for try.

Just run your own IPv6-enabled SMTP server and make IPv6 connections right across your ISP. There are lots of tunnel brokers out there. Your IPv4-based SMTP connections will continue to work as-is.
BTW, delays in adopting IPv6 will cause internet to slow down as this Network World article measures:


"Delay in adopting IPv6" means delay in IPv6 end-to-end conectivity AND IPv6 content/applications. These two features, available in IPv4 now, means it will take years for IPv6 to catch up to the same performance of todays v4.



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