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A report as spam function would be nice...

So far all messages I've recived but one (that was from a gogo6 service bot) has been spam...

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That is too bad. We are doing what we can to get rid of the spammers but there no automatic reporting mechanism. In most cases the messages get caught and removed but not before some e-mails have been sent out. What you can do is to turn of e-mail notifications for profile post as that is the methods used by the spammers. You will find the e-mail configuration under settings on your profile.

Just caught another spammer a minute ago - the numbers have been increasing somewhat proportional to our membership.  When we catch a spammer we ban them and all their content is removed but if you have an email notification and you look for the message it will no longer be there.  

The only mechanisms we have to slow spammers are we confirm an email address to at least have some form of identity which goes into a grouped spammer database for the future and we ask a spam buster question such as, "what does IP stand for?"  Unfortunately these are the only tools we have at our disposal at this time - sorry about the persistent ones that get through.

And by the way, we don't have a service bot - all messages from gogo6 are from humans.  After you receive a message from us you can reply to this person to ask for help with the site, etc...



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