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Finally got my CPE yesterday, after ordering it on April 21.

As I live in Australia, I require a power supply that can take 240V.  The one I received, clearly marked on the box, is for 120V.  The PS itself accepts 110-120V input.


I can (reluctantly) deal with plug conversions (North American to Australian), but I cannot deal with 120V only electrical items.


What do I have to do to get a suitable power supply sent?


Will it take another 8 months?

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Hi Damon, we'll send you a suitable power supply.  Although it clearly states the we are currently only shipping 120V power supplies on the order pages I'm sure it can be missed.  We are currently sourcing 240V power supplies with different plugs and should have them available within the next couple of weeks.

This is the power supply we are ordering: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail&nam...

If anyone has any other ideas please let us know.

The EMS060100   part is being obsoleted with no replacement.
The 7.5V is ok but the plug is wrong. It has to be a P7P connector which is 1.3x3.5mm. As it turns out these plugs are rare for 230v power supplies.

From the spec sheet: "Other type available by customer requested" in the 'dc output connector / plug-type'


I will try to requested one...

I am in Australia and have received my CPE device and have it working using a PowerTechPlus SwitchMode AC Adaptor. It has switchable output voltages of 3,4.5,5,6,6.5 & 7. I have it set to 6V.

It also comes with a variety of plugs - I have chosen one by trial and error that physically fits but do not know its dimensions.

The polarity of the plug is also configurable. I have set mine up to be tip-positive.

I have had the unit plugged into an ordinary 240V Australian power supply for hours at a time and all has worked perfectly.

Configurable adaptors such as these are available at any good electrical supply store. I cannot remember where I bought this unit from but these days I'd head to the local Jaycar outlet.

Let us know how you go.

I have one similar: a DigiTor which goes from 5V 1A up to 24V.  Currently in use for my ancient Slimp3 player.


I guess I'll see about picking a few more of these next time I am oot and aboot. (click here to translate from Canadian)

As it is so long in the past since I ordered this, I can only speculate on what I did or did not observe at the time of ordering.


I imagine I did notice the fact that it was shipping with North American p/s, but assumed that as pretty much every power supply I have seen recently with a North American plug accepts 110 thru 240 volt input, I was expecting to just have to plug in one of the many plug converters floating about.  Bad assumption on my part.


I note the order page currently has a link to the spec sheet for the p/s.  I do not remember that being there.

Yeah, we blew it on that one.  Somehow that fell through the cracks and it wasn't until we ordered a few thousand of these 110/120V power supplies did we notice they didn't go up to 240V.  After getting our new power supplies these 110V units will only go out to North American customers.

I am still waiting for a 220V power supply.

Is there likely to be a resolution to this issue in the near term?

We found one to test:


If this one works we found a supplier for large quantities of these.  We'll know in about 10 days, depending on delivery.



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