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I wonder if gogo6 has a plan to support 6RD(http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-despres-6rd-03) in its products?

Does anyone here knows if there's a commercial product on 6RD?



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Hello, yes we will be supporting 6RD in the gogoSERVER's next release. We will also have a gogoCPE 6RD model which will act as a 6RD NAT to terminate the tunnel. But because of the nature of 6RD we cannot support it in Freenet6.
Hi Bruce,


This is good news. What is your schedule for next release?

We'll be interested to trial your 6RD solutions inside our network.

Hi Tun
As 6rd is a form of 6to4, I highly recommend you read the "TSP Comparison" document on the different access protocols that gogo6 supports (TSP, 6rd, DS-Lite, DSTM) to decide which is best to use, see :

You may find out that TSP protocol is more appropriate; TSP is also the default protocol on the gogo6 client on Windows. More on it at http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5572 .

A good book on the transition protocols is "Migrating to IPv6" by Marc Blanchet .
The comparison document has been updated to include 6RD as well. 6RD and TSP have somewhat different uses and can actually be combined to give even more flexibility when it comes to the deployment.
Thank you guys..
I am getting much better understanding now.

Will come back and post more questions if I come across anything not clear.
Hope I can also contribute to this forum in the future.
This is rough but the gogoCPE 6RD will be released in about 3 weeks and the gogoSERVER with 6RD support a couple of weeks after that. Both are running internally and being tested as we speak.
Hi Bruce,
Hope your 6RD CPE and 6RD server are ready by now. Can you please share which RFC or draft your 6RD solutions support? Also, how soon do you think we can have trial on your product?
Hello Tun Tun, yes, both the 6RD CPE and Server are ready and available to trial. The Server and CPE also support TSP, DS-lite and DSTM so you can test different scenarios as it is likely that you will want to use different technologies for different customers (existing, new) and within different parts of your network. I'll have someone get back to you with the technical details.
It is based on the initial 6RD document, RFC5569.
Thanks Mikael.

I hope draft-ietf-softwire-ipv6-6rd-10 become standard soon.
It's already been approved by the IESG, and the DHCP codepoint (212) has been assigned as well. It's strictly in RFC Editor processing now.

RFC 5569 is a very good document, but the softwire version does contain some important additional pieces that I think implementations should be sure to have.
Agree with you. I was told that Cisco, Juniper and Huawei are all planning to support 6RD. Hope they all adopt to softwire version.



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