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Hey all. I'm just wondering since the CPE's are shipped with a random username + password that connect to v6.freenet6.net, are we able to use our authenticated.freenet6.net accounts (IE the one's we were using on the desktop application)?


I'm asking because the address I was assigned on my other account was easier to remember. :)

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Also, is there a way to change the DNS information to a custom IPv6 DNS?
Currently there is no way to setting a custom DNS. If you want to change the account go to gogocpe.local in your browser (if you have bonjour/zeroconf support on you computer) or the IPv4 address of the gogocpe. You can set any account you like.

Thanks for the info :)

I assume the default DNS is white listed, in the same manner as the gogo6 DNS.  I see the IPv6 DNS address is similar to, but not the same as the gogo6 one I obtained from this site.  Are their any differences between them?



Where can we submit suggestions for features we would like to see in future CPE updates? (IE: change default DNS)

In the private usergroup for gogoCPE owners there is a "Wish List" discussion.





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