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Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to get home access running on Mac and Linux, the client seems to only be available for windows.

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As far as I know, source code for the Windows GUI version is available, as well as the source for the OS X command line version of the client.

Given the above, any suggestions or ideas on how the port to the Mac can be done ?

Given how intuitive it is to setup the gogo IPv6 client on Windows, its worth the effort to have it run on a Mac.
Hi, I'm very interested in make Home Access work with macosx.
I can't find source code of windows version in order to study how home access is made.
Can you find this source code or the specifications?

Is anyone interested in developing a port to macosx of home access feature?
There should be a Windows source code directory within the " gogoCLIENT 1.2 Source Code (Linux/Unix/MacOS/BSD) " archive that's on the Freenet6 client download area. Not sure if this has the source code for the graphical interface that runs on Windows, if not then one can ask the gogo6 management team for it. That said, the effort needs macOSX programmers willing to spend a few hours on it.
A graphic interface for mac would be a great feature!
I do too.
Any one know volunteers or can arrange the funding to do the Mac OS X port ? Source for the Windows version is available.

Hi, all.

I wish to get the source code for the Windows GUI version.

Can any provide to me?

and then ? I'm interested to know how to configure the gogoclient with home access for linux. Where are the instructions ?

I'd also like a Linux version.  A graphical configuration would also be nice, but not necessary.

Yes for me it's the same. I'm not interested to have the gui.

The gogoClient is already part of Ubuntu distribution (or can be added as a package) , look for gogoc .

I have also seen a post on the last link below that its also available on Fedora.

To build your own, download the Linux version and follow the instructions from


If there are any issues then ask for help on


All the above have no gui.

We need the Linux version with HOME access.



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