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download the client from here:-

32 bit:- http://go6.net/4105/gw6c-6.0-RELEASE-HAP6-win32.exe
64 bit:- http://go6.net/4105/gw6c-6.0-RELEASE-HAP6-win64.exe

choose to run...not save (note this will un-install any other gogo client software)

Once this is set up, to gt to the web site both ipv4 and ipv6 visit:-
where user name is the account name you set up.

Now the next feature is to create a subdomain of te long one you have already and forward any other port 80 device (web server, web cam etc) as well.

so my pC here (another web server) call pc2 is on ip address

setting this up in home access give the outside world v6 and v4 access to the second (and any others you set up)

I don't know where is Wireless connection?

You probably only have one interface which would be local area connection.
What interface? Can you tell more about this. I want to have a web server, and I know it really helps me.

504 -Gateway Timeout

Good afternoon. Forgot your username and password to be entered in the client. Username and password to register on the site is not suitable for the client.

I clicked the link you have provided on 64 bit but I am redirect to the main page.


I have not received confirmation letter after registering in Freenet6. Please help!!!



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