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How to configure the gogoCLIENT to use Freenet6 DSTM on Windows

To connect to the Reverse Tunnel service the gogoCLIENT settings have to be changed. The Server Address must be set to ipv4.freenet6.net and a user name and password has to be entered.
In addition to the basic settings the tunnel mode has to be changed, this done under the Advanced tab. The tunnel mode should be set to IPv4 in IPv6 (DSTM). See the following picture.

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The reverse tunnel is only available in Montreal at the moment. We might add it to the other sites when NAT function in the gogoSERVER has been tested enough.
Its a very great tunnel for MSU students, thanx a lot!)
everything works ok on Vista, XP and Windows 7
Please consider adding it to the other sites sooner - Europe as far as I'm concerned - albeit making it clear that it is in test ! Are there compelling reasons why the test should be limited to one site ? To the contrary it would seem that having reverse tunnels in test at several facilities will make validating quicker and more compelling!
I cant connect to it now( What has happened?
doesn't work "ipv4.freenet6.net" ? T_T
22:39:56 Failed to connect to Gateway6 anon-montreal.freenet6.net on port 3653.
22:39:56 Last status context is: Network connection.
22:39:56 Finished.
No way of testing the connection myself right now so I'm reloading the system to see if it helps.
Me too. doesn't work "ipv4.freenet6.net". Can.t ping it
ping ipv4.freenet6.net
Pinging ipv4.freenet6.net [2001:5c0:1000:f::10] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from 2001:5c0:1000:f::10: time=145ms
Reply from 2001:5c0:1000:f::10: time=139ms
So, in this mode ,can i access the Internet that need a public ipv4 address ,if I don't have a public ipv4 address and can access ipv6 websites? I haven't access the pure ipv4 website yet in the ipv6 enviroment.
Besides,the packet show 0 sent ,0 recevied,and remote ponit address is
It will be like if you were behind a NAT. So everything you can access from a computer behind a NAT you can access through DSTM.
i install the client on win7 SP1,Pop-up 'bubble' saying "the server does not support this version of TSP protocol"



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