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How to configure the gogoCLIENT for Freenet6 Tunnel on Windows

First download and install the gogoCLIENT. For more information see this forum post.
If you are using the service in anonymous mode you shouldn't have to do anything. Just start the client and click connect. It should already be configured to use the server anonymous.freenet6.net.
If you are using a Freenet6 account you will have to change the server and add your user account. The gogoSERVER should be set to authenticated.freenet6.net and should add your account.

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getting an Element not found error when the windows.cmd script executes the netsh command
Which Windows version are you running? Could you send me your logfile so that I can have a look.
I downloaded Client 6.0 Windows Installer 64-bit and it says windows operating system not supported!

i have windows 7 x64
The current installer doesn't recognize Win7 but if you run it in compatibility mode it will install without any problems.
It always show the following error when i try to connect:

The Gateway6 address is invalid or cannot be resolved.
Please verify that the address entered is correct

I've tried
but none of them can work...plz help
Running beyond NAT router? stable now?
It was ok when using also Gateway6 Server with anon.freenet6.net.

Any differences between gogoServer and Gateway6Server?
Also what is difference between anon and authenticated since they both belongs to freenet6.net?
Do any one can tell us more about the architecture of freenet6 domain we are using now?
You can read more about the service on the powered by page http://gogonet.gogo6.com/page/powered-by and the Freeenet6 page http://gogonet.gogo6.com/page/freenet6-tunnelbroker

gogoSERVER is an updated version of the Gateway6 Server.
Anon is anonymous and authenticated is authenticated. The authenticated provides static addresses and prefix delegation.
Mikael nice to have your clear explanation and your second link for tunnel broker is lovely.

I had a bit confusion for gogoSERVER and Gateway6 before since Hexago Gateway6 Client was the first I touched IPv6. At the moment I still using it for IPv6 Connectivity.

Anyone know other similar and reliable tunnel broker services available in mainland China or Asia area?
I get an error message when I try to connect ( in step 6 ) saying: A generic TSP protocol error has occurred

Any reason why?

Please let us know your operating system and whether it is 32bit or 64bit. Knowing which Gateway6 server you are mentioning under the "Basic" tab on the client will help too.
tunnel creation and configuration script failed to execute, i use windows vista

log :
18:58:43 TSP_VERBOSE=3
18:58:43 TSP_HOME_DIR=C:\Program Files\Hexago\Gateway6 Client
18:58:43 TSP_TUNNEL_MODE=v6udpv4
18:58:43 TSP_HOST_TYPE=host
18:58:43 TSP_TUNNEL_INTERFACE=Polaczenie lokalne 4
18:58:43 TSP_CLIENT_ADDRESS_IPV6=2001:05c0:1400:000b:0000:0000:0000:2943
18:58:43 TSP_CLIENT_DNS_NAME=miro20.broker.freenet6.net
18:58:43 TSP_SERVER_ADDRESS_IPV6=2001:05c0:1400:000b:0000:0000:0000:2942
18:58:43 Executing interface configuration script: "C:\Program Files\Hexago\Gateway6 Client\template\windows.cmd".
18:58:43 Script execution time: 10/11/2009, 18:58:43.46
18:58:43 Nazwa pliku, nazwa katalogu lub skladnia etykiety woluminu jest niepoprawna.
18:58:43 2009/11/10 18:58:43 I gw6c:
18:58:43 Nazwa pliku, nazwa katalogu lub skladnia etykiety woluminu jest niepoprawna.
18:58:43 2009/11/10 18:58:43 I gw6c:
18:58:43 Nazwa pliku, nazwa katalogu lub skladnia etykiety woluminu jest niepoprawna.
18:58:43 2009/11/10 18:58:43 I gw6c:
18:58:43 Template script execution successful.
18:58:43 Interface configuration script completed successfully.
18:58:43 Last status context is: Tunnel interface setup.
18:58:43 Finished.



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