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I want to access Google in IPv6 what do I have to do?

You need to manualy configure the IPv6 DNS servers to use. The servers are 2001:5c0:1000:11::2 and 2001:5c0:1001::194.
In Windows it is easiest to add the servers to the virtual tunnel adapter under Network connections.

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Anyone can send a list of IPv6 DNS Servers.
Thank You
the entire hosts file of all the google's IPV6 service is here:
including Youtube and some other ipv6 websites.
PS:google.cn has been shutdown
why my website didnt acess it always an error..
why my website are always error,,, my friends cant access to it
why that the Internet community can't access my website thru its online content via http://daxville30.broker.freenet6.net/
I have enabled dual stack on our core network and I can reach v6 island from my lab.

We just deployed a trial commercial v6 DNS resolver in our lab and I'd like to access all google content via v6.
I can access some v6 website such as kame.net via purely v6 client using this resolver. And my dig trace also show that our resolver is doing query on v6 transport properly.

Now, I need to let google white list my resolver address so that I can do AAAA query to google server. I have email google v6 team and also Lorenzo personally how to be white-listed with no reply even after a few weeks.

The plan is to have our internal trial users tunnel thru our lab, point their resolver to our trial DNS server and get surfing experience on v6 transport. Also to conduct more OS and applications related tests over v6 transport thru our own network as our access is not dual stack yet.

Anyone here have any ideas how to proceed? Is Google the only content provider on v6 at the moment?


Finally, managed to get Google whitelist our Resolver in the lab. Thanks to Erik, and Jake from Google. Now, got a lot of work to do. Hope my gogo6 solution is arriving soon.
That's all fine and good ... but then how do you REALLY use Google on ipv6? The dns lookup worked. Google responds with a 302 error and bounces your a back to ipv4 iGoogle or regular Google.

What's url you goto to get on Google via ipv6????

And who's dns servers are those? Googles?
I even ping -6 www.google.com and enter that ipv6 address as a URL and still get a 302 not found and redirected back to ipV4 google.com

I don't think google has ipv6 any more.
I stand, myself, corrected. It's working now. I don't know if it took awhile or some combo of things I've done. Freenet6 has been down for authenticated until today sometime. So I was on anonymous. But earlier Google stuff started working in ipv6 anyway. And now that I'm back on authenticated it's definately working.

You can use Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) and capture on your Gogo6 interface and see the actual ipv6 traffic working. On your regular network interface (for most on wired ethernet it will be Local Area Connection in Windows, maybe "eth0" in Linux.) In my Local Area Connection now I see only the tunnel traffic in ipv4. I have to capture on the Gogo6 interface to see the ipv6 web traffic.
Copy this link to the address bar : ipv6.Google.com 
How do you configure the DNS servers on a linux tunnel interface? (centos) or is this just configured in resolv.conf ?



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