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i am trying to connect to amsterdam.freenet6.net and in my log file appears the following:

 Executing interface configuration script: "E:\gogo6\gogoCLIENT\template\windows.cmd".
 Script execution time: zo 24-07-2011, 15:26:17,05
 ERROR: Failed to detect IPv6 connectivity on local computer.
 Template script execution failed! Exiting with error code 12.
 Interface configuration script completed with errors.

also in my networkconnection overview it says that interface 7(the gogo virtual multi tunnel adapter) "no cable connected".

I am using Windos Xp professionsional with SP3 installed, the comodo firewall, Xp firewall disabled  the host is behind 2 NAT routers.at the client GUI on the status tab is says "connecting" and nothing happends, please help!!!!

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The stack provides the necessary info to send out an ethernet frame.  IPv4, IPv6, etc. is simply data stuffed into that frame and the network adapter neither knows nor cares about IPv4 vs IPv6.  This is the whole point of the various layers in the protocol stack, with the separation of function in the various layers.  Ethertype is simply a number inserted into the frame to indicate the protocol being carried and is again just data to the ethernet NIC.  Etherntype is then used at the receiving end to determine how to handle the data.



"Etherntype is then used at the receiving end to determine how to handle the data." That's the point, layer 2 offers services to layer 3 through layer 2 protocols (layers independence) and it's protocol primitives. But, each layer cares only about how to handle data, nor wich data is. Ethertype it's "the how", and not the "what". And each data needs it's own handle. =)

Quite so, but that function is higher up the stack than ethernet.  The ISO stack shows this quite clealy, but the stack currently used for TCP/IP blurs the boundaries somewhat.  For an ethernet network, you need to create a frame with appropriate MAC addresses and CRC.  Everything else, that's carried by that frame, is simply data to the ethernet card and drivers.  Above that, the Ethertype comes into play for sorting according to protocol type.  The ethernet layer must be able to carry whatever protocol that can fit into an etheret frame.  To do otherwise would make it impossible to create new protocols in the future.  Also, that exact same stack and higher level protocol can be used with token ring, ArcNet, PPP and much more, due to the appropriate software/drivers for the connection.


You're right, since it's own "Stack" conception, each layer has (well...theory says...) specific and well defined functions. It's always fun,productive and interesting to talk about this with other IT professionals =), thanks for the chat and the info.

thank you Daniel, i try to look for new driver on the DELL website as wel, maby it helps.

i looked at the DELL site all the drivers are from 2005 or earlier and I have installed the latest


thank you for this very usefull information but can we go back to the issue? I stil have the error in my logfile and no connection to the IPV6 network.

Actually, it's possible to add IPv6 in the network adaptor properties.

hello James,

can you tel me how to add IPV6 in the network adaptor properties?

I can if you want to submit a capture file from wireshark with the traffic on the interface witch holds the tunnel connection

I have Windows XP here, the details may be different for other Windows versions.  You will need administrator rights to do this.


1) Open Network Connections

2) Right click on the network connection and select "Properties".

3) In the box "This connection uses the following item:" verify "Microsoft TCP/IP version 6" is present and selected.  If it isn't present, you'll have to click on the "Install" button, then select "Protocol" and click on "Add", to select IPv6 support.

thank you James,

when I click "Add" in the protocol window I don't have the IPV6 support option you mention i have the folowing items in my network properties:

client for Microsoft networks

file and printer sharing for microsoft networks

Qs packet sheduler

Driver for network control

Microsoft TCP/IP version 6

Internet protocol (TCP/IP)

thats all there is no IPV 6 support

i have also WIN XP pro here and I am administrator as the user i am logged in

Microsoft TCP/IP version 6 is IPv6.


BTW, having admin rights as a user is a bad idea, as it opens up lots of security issues.  On my computer, I have a user account and an admin account.  Better still is to forget about Windows and run Linux, where you will have a much more secure and stable system and better performance.




I am aware of the security issuses as user/admin and i have several Linux boxes in my room but it is for me a challenge to get the IPV6 running on my  windows box learning learning learning thats what I am doeing



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