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IPV6 Can Solve Port Forwarding and Double NAT issue Of SMARTBRO Canopy a Wireless Broadband ISP in the Philippines.

I just confirmed today that IPV6 can bypass the Double NAT issue on Smartbro
I use Win XP smartbro Client and on the other side Ubuntu server both have IPv6 address.

Not yet tested on DM500s client ..

TCP [::]:23 [::]:0 LISTENING 0
TCP [::]:135 [::]:0 LISTENING 0
TCP [::1]:30606 [::]:0 LISTENING 0
TCP [2001:5c0:1000:a::2b]:23 [2406:a000:f0ff:ffff:8000:0:ca7b:386b]:45273

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how do I know that utorrent detects that my IPV6 was enabled?
Click the Logger tab, and you should see "IPv6 is installed"
thanks man...
Yes, I can attest to that... last year I was able to put up a public FTP and web server via my IPv6 address.

The only catch are the following:

- Your server apps should support IPv6 (WinXP's IIS is not IPv6-compliant, so it can't be seen through my IPv6 address; but my Apache web server did)

- Your clients should also be using IPv6 (if the client is using IPv4, then they won't see your services.)

I've tried this on uTorrent (which supports IPv6)... I am able to accept incoming connections as long as the peer is also using IPv6 (IPv4 peers will stay the same). May not do much with today's IPv4-dominated world, but it's a good start, really.
There is a way for IPv4 only clients to see IPv6 only websites thru Sixxs.
how to get Sixxs??????
this is how to use sixxs:
1. if you only have ipv4 address and you want to view a website accessible only thru ipv6 ex. ipv6.google.com you access it using http://ipv6.google.com.ipv4.sixxs.org
2. if you only have ipv6 address and you want to view a website accessible only thru ipv4 ex. www.yahoo.com you access it using http://www.yahoo.com.sixxs.org

cool right? :)
Just read about SixXS... it's really cool, you can access websites without installing IPv6 tunnels.
But for other services other than websites, you really have to install the tunnel provided by gogo6/freenet6 (SixXS provides the same services, but of course I'll stay loyal to gogo6 hehe) :D
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