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What are the available options to connect to the IPv6 internet, based on each of the following scenarios:

- no ISP and router IPv6 support (edge router at home)

- no ISP but Ipv6 capable router

- ISP but no router support

I would like to find out all the possible mechanisms to connect for each of the above. For example, I currently find myself in the first scenario and the two ways that I managed to connect to IPv6 internet are a tunnel broker or Teredo. Could you help me identify all the other possible ways to connect.

Thank you

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I would argue that teredo isn't really an option. I'd even go as far as to say that 6to4 isn't really a viable option either. You're then left with a tunnelbroker like he or sixes or a gogo6 account.

2) same as the first

3) buy a better router. Your router doesn't need to be ipv6 compatitable if you use gogo6 though

I would just like to know all the options possible, all the transition mechanisms. Anything that would allow me to connect to IPv6 Internet.

So, you are saying that really the only two options are tunnel broker & teredo? I know that these two work because I have tried them.

Thank you

You have other options...6to4, ect. There's a complete list on wikipedia


I know that there are many options available, but which ones can actually work on XP SP3 and above and how they can be done. For example how can I set up 6to4 on XP SP3 without an IPv6 capable router and no ISP ipv6 support?

I have installed the gogo client on XP SP3 and also Windows 7 and it works fine.

You do not understand me. I know that teredo and gogonet work, but what else will work on those machines?
Most everything listed on the kiwi page will work. They all have their limitations, but those should be noted on that page as well. Some may be blocked by your isp or by nature, but the easiest way is to just try. If you fail, ask. Google or try something else
Could you send me the link to this kiwi page where they have that information.

Thank you

See the link in my second reply

For scenario 1 & 2, Tunnel Broker / Teredo will be the feasible solutions. For Scenario 3 its better to get a IPv6 capable router to have end to end IPv6. Thx.

I have another three questions:

1. Can I configure 6to4 only if I have an IPv6 capable router?

2. Tunnel broker and Teredo do work in my scenario (no IPv6 capable router and no ISP support for IPv6), but are there any other options that can work under this circumstance?

3. When looking to buy an IPv6 capable router, what should I look for in the router support? Do all have support for the same transition mechanisms?

1)  No.  Router does not need to support ipv6

2)  Again, I argue that Teredo isn't really an option.  And again, you need to look through the wiki link I sent and see what works for your. Your ISP may block certain things

3)  No, you'll probably only see support for 6to4 and 6in4.  IMHO you want 6in4.



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