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Hi all,

I'm currently unable to set up a v4-in-v6 tunnel on my linux box (Debian) with the gogoc 1.2 client.
Indeed i run into an error with the "authenticated.freenet6.net" server stating that "amsterdam.freenet6.net" does not support the functionnality.

I tried to use the dslite-amsterdam.freenet6.net or v4.freenet6.net instead but the Gogoc client cannot connect to it (Error connecting to port 3653).

On my windows client with server dslite-amsterdam.freenet6.net it works just fine.

Any idea on solving this issue ?

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Use Windows. :D Currently the Linux client doesn't include support for IPv4 in IPv6. This is something we are working on but I don't know when it will be available. But you also need to connect to dslite-amsterdam.freenet6.net if you want to use dslite in Amsterdam.
I'v hacked a bit the gogoc client for linux to enable v4v6 (DSMT) communication on v4.freenet6.net .
I'have successfully set up a v4v6 tunnel. However, even after reading the DSMT and DSlite RFCs, i'm not sure i understand the major differences between them in order to implement the DSLite protocol on the gogoc client.

Do you have documentation about how is done the negociation between the client and server for authentification and IPv4 allocation on DSLite ?
For DS-lite there is no negotiation. That is the main benefit and drawback of DS-lite compared to DSTM. In the DS-lite a static v4inv6 tunnel is created without any keepalives and using predefined IPv4 addresses according to the DS-lite spec.
Can you tell me how you've managed to set up a v4v6 tunnel?
uuhm, u have a patch ? or source tree ?



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