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Please add reverse (4-in-6) tunnels to all POPs (esp. Amsterdam)

Dear Freenet6 operators !
Will you please upgrade your points of presence so they do reverse tunnels ? At the moment it seems only Montreal works, which is nearly worthless for us non-American :=(

Or is there a technical reason why this request could not be satisfied any soon ?

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We have multiple servers in Montreal which is why we have 4in6 running there but we are looking at expanding DS-lite to Amsterdam.
Now is DS-lite available on all servers.
Good, I noticed the announcement. However, unless I am mistaken (I may well be) DS-lite is quite another thing than plain 4-in-6 tunnels.

I set up an authenticated 4-in-6 tunnel using the PoP in Montreal, testing was successful but I don't use it as large delays make it impractical. Mike, are you saying similar 4-in-6 settings using the same gogo6 client would now work, except through Amsterdam rather than Montreal ? If not, I'd like to renew the above request for plain 4-in-6 tunnels. Please.


Practically DS-lite and 4in6 are identical, at least in our setup as we assign private addresses for 4in6. So as an end-user you shouldn't notice any difference.
Ninho, the 4 in 6 services (DS-lite and DSTM) are available on all the servers.
Hi Bruce,is it that true?
I see DS-lite servers are dslite-taipei.freenet6.net, dslite-sydney.freenet6.net, dslite-amsterdam.freenet6.net or dslite-montreal.freenet6.net
but DSTM server is only v4.freenet6.net....what's the other DSTM servers?
Hi, you are right, I though we had DSTM everywhere but it turns out it is just in Montreal. The reason is that in order to NAT the v4 addresses, so we don't have to give out public ones, the DSTM setup we are using on FN6 requires a separate NAT box. We have space for this in Montreal but at the other 3 POPs we don't have space for a separate server. So until we pick up some more POPs the service is limited to the Montreal POP...
Having said that, from a use case point of view the DS-lite service should provide you the same network functionality. Let me know if this is not correct.
Gonna try out DS-Lite as soon as time allows. Bruce, if I understand right, I just have to change the choice of PoP within the Go6 client, keeping all other settings the same as for DSTM ?
Thanks !
You can choose pop if you use DS-lite but DSTM is currently only available in Montreal. v4.freenet6.net as the server name is what you should use in that case and set it to to DSTM tunnel mode. For dslite you have to choose dslite-montreal.freenet6.net or any of the other pops as you server.
ipv4.freenet6.net (rather than v4.freenet6.net) indeed was the gateway I used for DSTM.

Now attempting ds-lite thru Amsterdam but... isthat gateway enabled ? I tried : dslite-amsterdam.freenet6.net , failed!
The name does resolve to [2001:5c0:1400:4::1] , but that IP6 does not answer my pings, for what it's worth... Please advise further, TIA and cheers

It doesn't respond to ping on that address. It just assumed that all packets are to be decapsulated. Does it work if you try Montreal or any of the other servers?



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