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What server should I use to connect to Freenet6 Tunnel?

◦If you connect anonymously you should use anonymous.freenet6.net which will automaticaly direct you to the closest server, if you manually want to pick a server you can use montreal-anon.freenet6.net, amsterdam-anon.freenet6.net or taipei-anon.freenet6.net.
◦If you connect with an account then you should use a specific server to be certain that you get a static address the servers are: montreal.freenet6.net , amsterdam.freenet6.net, or taipei.freenet6.net (Taipei currently only supports anonymous users).

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Is there a up to date link to a page with all the Gataway6 addresses?

I have made my own list.

With account:

Connect anonymously:

thanks for that list. As of today (Wed 2010-01-27) notice taipei.freenet6net too !!!

On linux, get a key by successivly get all the noticed servers, except broker, which is a chooser server, and authenticated, which doesn't make a ssh-dss authentication negos.
I.e., change configuration file by hand server after server and start gw6c directly on command line : it just ask if you want to store the key for that particular server.
Next, after all had been set up with a key, choose broker.freenet6.net

With this, on my Debian box, gw6c is completly ok, it choose the closer ipv6 gateway !
Don't forgot to say "no" in /etc/default/gw6c with the check key and dns_server=ns1.afraid.org:ns2.afraid.org in gw6c.conf : it works perfectly !

Next ? Obtain a static IpV6 address !

Best regards.
To mhom it may concern;

I would like to use both configurations connections-{IPv4 and IPv6}-on my Home and Church Networks, for example
home encludes,
Home: Church:
1-Server 1-Server
2-Workstations 6- Workstations
2-Laptops 7- Laptops
2-Scanners 2-Scanners
4-Printers 7- Printers
1 Fax 4-Faxes
2 -Web Cams 2-Web Cams

I would like to know how to manually configure how to reset the IPv6 address Network for private and Internet use.
Can you help me or stear me in the right direction, so that we can be up andrunning.

Thank You
Wendell Williams-Administrator
telatron1@att.net, Ratchett55@gmail.com,wendellswms@live.com
I'm not sure what you are trying to do but it seems you would need two IPv6 tunnels to provide connectivity in the two networks. Install the gogoCLIENT and configure it to use a prefix on one machine in each network, likely the server as it will act as the router. This should give you IPv6 connectivity in the two networks.
How assign a name to the tunnel Ipv6?
I would use that name in browser bar and not use the ipv6 address.
Is it possible?

You need to have a dns record for the name you want.

Your tunnel endpoint automatically gets a name like username.broker.freenet6.net

If you want to use the name only on your LAN, you can set up a local dns server.

If you want a name that you can use on the internet, you may try a dyndns provider like freedns
que je dois utiliser pour se connecter Freenet6 tunnel
Hi all.
first of all: thank you for your excellent service.
Second thing: I would appreciate if someone explained me how to be assigned a /56 prefix. I need it for a research about ipv4 to ipv6 transition mechanisms.
I've successfully signed up for an account in freenet6, receveid the email that confirmed the registration, but I cannot still understand how to request the /56.

I've already downloaded the gogoclient and I have ipv6 connection, in both anonymous and authenticated ways.

i got the same question as Alfonso, i cannot find any webpage/config settings howto get a /56 prefix.
You have to configure your computer as a router for IPv6 and then edit gogoc.conf as shown below.

# Local Host Type:
# Change this value to 'router' to enable IPv6 advertisements.
# host_type=

On Linux, you'll also have to install radvd.
Yes, in gogoc.conf you can also specify the prefix length



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