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Freenet6 is an IPv6 access service that has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to access the next generation Internet.  To use Freenet6 simply download and install the gogoCLIENT app.

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Advanced services

To access our advanced services you must register for a Freenet6 Pro account after downloading the gogoCLIENT app.  A Pro account is intended for network professionals introducing IPv6 into their network, service of product.  With a Pro account a permanent IPv6 address and a DNS name can be assigned to each user making their PC reachable from anywhere on the IPv6 Internet. A full /56 prefix may also be assigned to a router enabling the distribution of IPv6 connectivity to an entire network.


Home Access

Home Access allow users to access IPv4 or IPv6 devices in their private home network using IPv4 or IPv6. It uses Freenet6 Tunneling for IPv6 access and to get through the home NAT. On top of the tunneling it adds an http translator in the client and server to allow easy direct access to devices in the home.

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DSTM (Dual-Stack Transition Method) is an IPv4 access service which enables people to access IPv4-only Internet services while in an IPv6-only network. DSTM users can get IPv4 connectivity from anywhere on the IPv6 Internet. The IPv4 address assigned to a user is a private address and all users on a Freenet6 server share a block of public IPv4 addresses.

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DS-lite (Dual-Stack lite) is an IPv4 access service to allow people to test IPv4 over IPv6. This showcases a solution to provide IPv4 access when the IPv4 addresses have run out. It allows for an IPv6-only network with only a few tunnel servers to provide thousands with IPv4 legacy access for applications and services that require IPv4 to function.

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Freenet6 Tools

Freenet6 tools is a collection of tools for testing IPv6 deployments and/or debugging IPv6 related problems.

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All the Freenet6 services are best effort and are not for commercial use, please see terms of service for more information. 


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