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Freenet6 Pro Account

You DO NOT need a Pro account to get IPv6 connectivity to surf the IPv6 Internet.


You DO need a Pro account if you require a static IPv6 address, DNS naming, a /56 prefix or Smart Home for testing.


If you have forgotten your password or username for your Freenet6 Pro account you can request it here.


Register for a Pro Account

Since you are requesting a Pro account you are more than a casual IPv6 user and therefore we are asking for a one-time donation of $10 to help cover costs and keep this service running.

You can also use these links to PayPal if you prefer to use PayPal for payment:

Send an email to info at gogo6 dot com if you have any problems.

All the Freenet6 services are best effort and are not for commercial use, please see terms of service for more information. Direct support is not included.


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