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DS-Lite (Beta)

DS-lite (Dual-Stack lite) is an IPv4 access service to allow people to test IPv4 over IPv6. This showcases a solution to provide IPv4 access when the IPv4 addresses have run out. It allows for an IPv6 only network with only a few tunnel servers to provide thousands with IPv4 legacy access for applications and services that require IPv4 to function.

Getting started

To get started download the gogoCLIENT from the download page and install it. The client then needs to be configured to use "IPv4 over IPv6 Tunnel (DS-Lite)" tunnel mode (advanced tab) and gogoSERVER has to be set to dslite-taipei.freenet6.netdslite-amsterdam.freenet6.net or dslite-montreal.freenet6.net depending on which is closer to you. As this is an advanced service it requires an account. Currently we do not have an open registration for this but if you are interested in testing DS-Lite you can contact support@gogo6.com to request an account.

Update: Montreal and Amsterdam are currently offline and will likely be until we can get a dedicated server for the service on those sites.


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Comment by Piras Alessandro on October 11, 2013 at 8:09am

sfxmaker install not work 4 gogo6 under windows 8.4 more suggestion are wait 4

Comment by Jake Levinson on August 28, 2013 at 2:27pm

dslite-montreal.freenet6.net - don't work

dslite-montreal.freenet6.net - don't work

dslite-taipei.freenet6.net - like a slowpoke

Comment by Adrian on April 24, 2013 at 8:51pm

cool, trying it now... he.net seems to not be able to ping me :s , so, hell, i like the look of freenet + it is an executable/binary, meaning i can set rules much easier, than using per se' netsh or set interface... i would advise tho, for win* users, to Disable routeradvertisement, maybe after setup.. dont know if is eve needed, but can see why at my youtube.com/gl0wism page, top video shows example of complete killage of win* pcs... using thc-ipv6 attack kit, on lan ,it kills all pcs very fast :s , so, i would look into this definately if your new to ipv6... cheers guys!



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