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DSTM (Dual-Stack Transition Method) is an IPv4 access service which enables people to access IPv4 only Internet services while in an IPv6 only network. DSTM users can get IPv4 connectivity from anywhere on the IPv6 Internet. The IPv4 address assigned to a user is a private address and all users on a Freenet6 server share a block of public IPv4 addresses.

Getting started

To get started download the gogoCLIENT from the download page and install it. The client then needs to be configured to use "IPv4-in-IPv6 Tunnel (DSTM)" tunnel mode (advanced tab) and gogoSERVER has to be set to v4.freenet6.net. As this is an advanced service it requires an account on the DSTM server. Currently we do not have an open registration for this but if you are interested in testing DSTM you can contact support@gogo6.com to request an account. 


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Comment by faisal gee on December 4, 2013 at 3:41pm
not work
Comment by Mike K. on October 15, 2013 at 5:57am

I just tried to send you an email to info@freenet6.net but mailor daemon returned it.

Is there still a possibility to get an account for Freenet6 DSTM?

Comment by albert moore on September 22, 2012 at 5:47am

a+++ i love this service if only you guys offered servers in usa i would not mind paying..

Comment by Baharudin Noveriyanto on August 10, 2012 at 9:49pm
Assalamu'alaikum semuanya..
mohon masukannya dari temen-teman semua yang sudah mahir tentang IPv6..
saya sekarang lagi Proses mengerjakan Sekripsi yang kurang lebih Konsepnya adalah Interkoneksi IPv6 degan IPv4..
topologi saya kurang lebih seperti ini.

C1 --> C2 --> C3 --> C4
C1 = clien IPV6 dengan alamat Dinamis
C2 = Server DSTM
C3 = Server NAT
C4 = Clien IPv4

sementara server DSTM sudah jalan. jadi antara C1 --> C3 bisa ping dan sebaliknya
Server NAT juga sudah jalan jadi C2 --> C4 bisa ping dan sebaliknya
tetapi ketika saya coba ping dari C1 ke C4 ternyata ndak bisa..
kira-2 problem saya terletak dimana ya????
trimakasi mohon saran dan masukannya...

saya coba memperdalam di jaringan offline


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