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The Help Center provides pointers to the different resources to help you get going with Freenet6 and to troubleshoot issues you may encounter. Instructions for how to download, install and configure the gogoCLIENT are provide below. If you run into a problem, look over the FAQ and if that doesn't have what you need, search the forum where other members have probably come accross the same issues.

Before trying anything else you migh want to check the status and statistics of the Freenet6 services.


The gogoCLIENT, which is needed to access the Freenet6 services, is available for free in the Freenet6 Download section. The client is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, BSD and OpenWRT. The source code is also freely available.

Installation Instructions

Instructions on how to install the client on different operating systems can be found here in the v6 Forum.

Configuration Instructions

Configuration instructions can be found in the forum. They are available for the following services:

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions


Links to Forums

The forum contains the following topics: FAQ, IPv6 General Discussion, IPv6 on Windows, IPv6 on Linux, Freenet6 and gogoCLIENT.




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