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Hi everybody ! 

I'm currently looking for a Master thesis subject about IPv6, maybe regarding IPv6 security. I'm studying computer science in Belgium, at the University of Liège. Does someone has an idea of a nice subject ? 

Thank you very much !!

Best regards !

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well i am in the same lines of interest.... IPv6... But more towards smart grids and IPv6 (which includes a great deal of security)... I am a student at University of Colorado at Boulder doing my MS in telecom! It would be great if we can share some ideas....
Hi ! Smart grids are interesting... But as i understand this, it has to be at a large scale, right ? I don't know much about smart grids... Correct me if i'm wrong : the idea is to connect many electronical devices to the IPv6 network, right ? Then some kind of intelligent system would be able to activate / deactivate a device in order to consume less power... am i right ?
well, thats the idea of smart grid! I mean, in its ideal way, any device's electricity consumption can be controlled by the 2 way communication of IP (as we will be having many devices--- making it scalable... so IPv6....). So there are going to be lot of security issues (which I am still trying to learn) in IPv6... What about your thesis?
Hi !

Well, about my thesis, i'm still not sure about it... It seems that i have less knoweldge than you in IPv6. I mean, i didn't have any specific couse concerning that subject, just some kind of introductions.

But IPv6 IS the future of networks, so i'd really really like to learn more about it, and that's why i'm looking for a subject. Smart grids seem very interesting, i really should look into that.

Do you have other nice ideas ?
Well I am just like you! A new comer to telecommunications... But really interested in IPv6 (in general any IP related thing).
I have chatted with some experienced people and according to them, doing thesis in IPv6 is difficult because lots of research has already been done in this sector. I suggest that you can go through Mobile IPv6 which is really interesting and new. Mobile IPv6 and its security issues may be interesting! I tried to go into the details of Mobile IPv6! If I am not wrong, I think nobody has implemented it using coding!

Or you can also look into anycast...
Hi ! Thanks very much for the tip, i'll look into mobile ipv6 too. I think some subjects about that will be proposed at my Univeristy. I'll talk about it to my network professor. If i have any other interesting ideas, i'll let you know !



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