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Should IPv6 be taught in standalone classes or as part of an existing curriculum? 

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In my opinion, they should be made part of the standard curriculum at least at the University level. Most of the syllabus are still from IPv4 only, which leaves many students clueless as to what to do in case of v6. Given the fact that v6 is so different compared to v4, having some education and guidelines on further study will help in migrating to proper v6 when the time comes.

just my 2p.
Both! When I look at the situation in IT education in Switzerland, I think that is where action should go. Young people getting basic IT knowledge have no history of 15 years IPv4, they should be taught completely different (like "what are the general steps necessary for a connection setup" and then "this is how IPv4 does it and this is how IPv6 does it"). For people that have been in the industry before they may need special training just explaining the differences. And obivously adding IPv6 specific information to all existing curriculums that talk about TCP/IP is essential.

The next 10 years will be spent in upgrading networks to IPv6 so that it can co-exist with IPv4, so "migrating to IPv6" will be a good topic to add to students curriculum. This is quite different from teaching about IPv6 only.

A book on this topic that I would recommend is "Migrating to IPv6" by Marc Blanchet, see http://www.ipv6book.ca

thank you

My sense is that Both are needed. "Back in the day" we used to teach Netware (ipx/spx), NetBIOS/NetBeui, SDLC, HDLC etc. alongside TCP/IP(IPv4). From my point of view we are back to normal vs the isolated situation of the last 10 years (ok maybe 15) where different protocols were used.

So several different classes need to be added, ones that teach both to new students, others for students that have a good understanding of IPv4 but nothing else. Both need to include topics about migration vs new implementations etc.
IPX was a cool protocol, wasn't it? ;-)
Both is the best answer, I suppose. But when v6 is added to existing curriculum it often gets less than adequate attention and most students are not really empowered to continue learning on their own. By making it a separate course we have a better opportunity to discuss what's new, what's the same, integration and migration.

Yes, i believe it should be thought part of syllabus, coz its most relevant part and we need to update our students with latest emerging technologies today. especially IPv6 implementations. and our student need to be prepared for its changes in near future..



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