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You've heard them before... too often. Now share so everyone can roll their eyes. "If IPv6 addresses were X, there would be enough to Y" ...or something like that.

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who do ipv6 email ? 5 Replies

I have done ipv6 email service for public and me.  but I hope send mail to other ipv6 mail funs for exchange . So who have ipv6 mail or service for share and chat. please put your ipv6 mail address…Continue

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Started by kAI Liu. Last reply by Valeri Pronin Sep 24, 2011.

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Comment by Bruce Sinclair on February 22, 2010 at 5:46pm
Here's an uplifting gem from Scientific American (I used to read that!): http://www.scientificamerican.com/blog/post.cfm?id=the-good-and-bad...

For decades researchers have been working on the next generation of addresses—the IPv6 system—which has approximately enough addresses to last until the heat death of the universe.
Comment by Bruce Sinclair on February 11, 2010 at 6:30pm
Here's another one I just read at by Bret Swanson: http://www.circleid.com/posts/20100211_how_to_manage_internet_abund...

In the famous analogy, if today's total Internet space (IPv4) is a golf ball, the next generation Internet (IPv6) is the Sun.
Comment by Bruce Sinclair on January 24, 2010 at 2:50pm
Just read this one today at: http://www.zytrax.com/tech/protocols/ipv6.html

Everything about IPv6 is BIG. An IPv4 address is 32 bits, an IPv6 address is 128 bits. This is about the number where each blade of grass could have its own IPv6 address.
Comment by Jan Herrygers on January 20, 2010 at 11:37am
if all IPv4 address could fit within a Blackberry, it would take a storage device the physical size of the Earth to contain all available IPv6 addresses

source: ICANN press release
Comment by Mohsen Mashayekhi on December 31, 2009 at 8:14am
Sounds good, "only time will tell"
Comment by Jan Herrygers on December 30, 2009 at 6:03pm
I just realise I said: There are enough IPv6 addresses given to a residential internet user to address every book in the world.

(assuming /48 for residential customers)
Comment by Jan Herrygers on December 30, 2009 at 5:56pm
According to my calculator application, there are 2,814749767107e+14 /48 networks available IPv6.
I don't believe the earth will support 1e+14 people in the next century, so I'm certain I will have all the IPv6 address space I need.

I don't think there is such a thing like an absolute future proof (as in forever) solution, so I agree that you cannot number everything with IPv6.

That said, I don't know what we can reasonably give an IPv6 address, and exhaust the address space.

The book, carpet, etc. example:

There have been written one billion book titles: google answers
Since this also includes every edition of the phone book and every paperback novel that flopped, I estimate 100 000 copies have been printed per book. (unfounded guesswork) These can be addressed in a single /48 (given that a special RFC is written for the book network, so no hinder from EUI-64 etc.)

Based on more unfounded guesswork, I estimate there aren't more than 1000 pieces of clothes, furniture, drapes,... per book.
This would mean that everything Mohsen named can be addressed with a /38. Make that a /32 for hierarchical routing purposes.

needed subnets: 2^48 - 2^(48 - 32) = 2,814749766451e+14 ≃ 2^48
number of /48's ^ ^ number of /48's in /32

So there would still be a /48 for every person when Mohsen numbers everything that he named.

About scaling from a person: only persons will be numbering things. One person can only number so many things, even with automation.
Hereby I assume everything that can be numbered is worth addressing...

But for the extreme realist, only time will tell.
Comment by Mohsen Mashayekhi on December 22, 2009 at 3:12am
Ahmed, i know that, but everything has the end.cause of your scale is about the person, it is enough. but change your mind
Comment by Ahmed Abu-Abed on December 21, 2009 at 11:46pm
Each person on earth can have a billion public v6 addresses and we will still be far away from v6 address exhaustion.
Comment by Mohsen Mashayekhi on December 20, 2009 at 8:46am
who knows, may be someday we`ll be forced to put IP addresses on our carpets,furnitures,shoes,clothes... even on our books then 2^128 wont enough too.

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