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hi all
    i am sorry if i am making a fundamental mistake, please correct me...I am new to ipv6 and want to install a tunnel broker, but i am not able to do so because i am behind a proxy server and i dont have a public ip address. Can i use the tunnel broker in this scenario also?? If yes plesa help me out in doing so.

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I am having a similar problem. the dynamic IP address that my ISP allots to me is not ICMP pingable and hence tunnels are  not working. my ISP tells me that i will have to pay Rs 250/month to get a static IP address and only then it will work. not sure if this is the right way to go about it


You don't need a Public IP or a Static IP. You can communicate on UDP in a NATed environment. Your ports should be open. ICMP also not required.

i know, but the ISP wants to extract money from me. Hence they refuse to allow UDP traffic in my NATed environment ... typical vendor cussedness

Hi Ankith

I feel if you are on a NATed IP, still you can use Tunnel Broker. However I hope your firewall is not blocking all the ports.



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