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hey guys, i cant connect to amsterdam anymore? 

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Ik heb het zelfde probleem ook al sinds een aantal weken.
Bij service status is niks van problemen te zien.
Iemand een oplossing?
Same Problem. But connect to taipei.freenet6.net or sydney.freenet6.net. Taipei is today down too.
why should i connect to taipei or sidney if i live in the netherlands....
because the server is down. You will be connect to the next best server and this are taipei and sidney.
i understand your point, but it still sucks, because there is of course a significant loss of data rate if you live in the netherlands (or in germany, as i do) and need to connect to taipei or sydney. is hope the server in amsterdam will be okay soon.

When will Amsterdam come back?

ik heb het zelfde probleem.

van alles geprobeert, maar helaas.


volgend jaar nieuwe kansen



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