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Liu Dong becomes the Member of IEEE-SA Board of Governors

On November 23rd 2015, the IEEE Board of Directors (BOD) witnessed the official appointment of Liu Dong, President & CEO of Beijing Internet Institute, President & CEO of BII Group, and chair of IEEE 1888 Working Group, a member of the BOG (2016-2017) of IEEE-SA, which marks an important breakthrough in China’s leadership in international standardization organizations, where he is the first board member from China in history. With his official start in the membership in…


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Future Network Forum to be held in Nanjing in December 2015

Between December 10th and 11th 2015, the China Future Network Development and Innovation Forum, jointly hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Nanjing Municipal Government, is scheduled to be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. The forum will be jointly organized by Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute and Beijing Internet Institute, with the theme of “Building future network test facilities and promoting network development & innovation”, and it…


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Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit: IPv6 becomes internet+ foundation stone, boosts achieve IoT

7th Sep 2015,”Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit” grandly opened. IPv6 Forum and BII GROUP hold this summit, with the theme—IPv6 Era is Around the Corner, Are You Ready? Vice President of Google & Father of Internet Vint Cerf, President & CEO of ICANN Fadi Chehadé, Director General of APNIC Paul Wilson, ICANN Board & DNSOP WG Chair Suzanne Woolf etc. many industry leading experts, hundreds of global operators representatives, industry representatives of well-known… Continue

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IPv6 ShowCase to Hold in September & IPv6 Ready will Centralized Appearance

In “IPv4 address pool is exhausted, IPv6 is general trend” industry consensus, the next-generation Internet industry demand is increasing vigorously and vigorously, the whole world equipment manufacturers’ deployment and investment are significantly increasing. The Global IPv6 Test Center data shows that, until 2014, 1939 IPv6 Ready Logos have been issued, of which 596 of China, accounting for 31% of the world's total. In order to exhibit IPv6 industry…


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Global IPv6 Summit to be held on September 7th 2015

September 7th 2015 will see the Global IPv6 Next Generation Internet Summit 2015 (hereinafter referred to as IPv6 Summit) held in the Presidential Hotel Beijing. The conference will be co-hosted by the IPv6 Forum and BII Group, under the theme of “IPv6 approaching, are you ready?”,which will be well attended by top-notch industrial experts both at home and abroad, hundreds of representatives from carriers across the globe, representatives of well-known vendors in the…


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My Presentation at gogoNET LIVE! 5 - Sensors meet the IoT

Sensors detecting all sorts of process variables have been a staple of the Operations world for decades. With hundreds of sensor categories from thousands of sensor manufactures and a seemingly infinite number of part numbers to choose from - it would seem a very mature market. 

Yet sensing is largely a foreign topic to most of the "IT" world. Sensors appear to be suspicious devices, lacking standards and lacking an IP address.  The Industrial IoT is thrusting the IT…


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How to Verify End-User Experience in IPv6 Networks

Thursday October 23 at 9:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-17:00) → What time is that for me?

→ Register for my Free Webinar…


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IPv6 Multicast – No Longer an Afterthought

Thursday September 11 at 9:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-17:00) → What time is that for me?

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From day one IPv6 was meant to correct some of the short…


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IPv6 Addressing Essentials

Thursday August 7 at 9:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-17:00) → What time is that for me?

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For the most part, we all accept, even…


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Creating the Future Today in a Unique Internet of Things Hackathon

The involvement of leading technology brands Intel, Marvell, and Microsoft within The Internet of Things World Hackathon, a 30-hour app building contest held in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, could potentially see the creation of the next ‘must-have’ consumer gadget by bringing software and hardware together.

Running alongside the Internet of Things World conference and exhibition, June 17-18, The…


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IPv6 Only OpenStack Cloud in Production

Over the May 23 weekend Nephos6 helped set up and monitored the first production, IPv6 only OpenStack cloud at University of Luxembourg to provide European Union parliamentary election results in Germany. Nephos6 Sonar product was used for scale testing and monitoring.

The IPv6 traffic accounted for 5% of the overall traffic and everything went flawlessly.

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Web Sites Offer Easy IPv6 Connectivity and Functionality Tests

There is a certain level of skill to creating an IPv6-capable network. There is even more skill to creating an IPv6-capable network correctly. To help confirm an IPv6-capable network has been configured correctly and that “upstream” IPv6 connectivity is correct, there are several web…


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DREN IPv6 knowledge base has moved

The Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN) IPv6 knowledge base has recently moved! Its new web address is www.hpc.mil/dren/v6 During the recent reorganization of the High Performance Computing Modernization Program web site (www.hpc.mil), all articles have been redesigned. In addition about one-half of the articles have been updated or expanded.


John Baird…


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The IPv6 Essentials - Silver Cert. Prerequisite webinar class by Jeff Carrell

Join me in my free IPv6 Essentials - Silver Cert. Prerequisite webinar class, on:

Thursday March 20 at 9:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-17:00) → What time is that for me?

Wednesday March 26 at 2:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-09:00) →…


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Fake DHCPv6 attack

DHCPv6 relies on stateless UDP communication using UDP 546 and UDP 547 ports. As stated in the RFC 3315this makes DHCPv6 particularly vulnerable to fake attack, in which SOLICIT messages are generated with random source prefixes.

Using DHCPv6 Rapid-Commit mode, ONLY two messages are exchanged between the client and the server to get an IPv6 prefix.…


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DFW Texas folks - IPv6: Build Your Own Lab preso/demo at DFW-CUG March 5

IPv6: Build Your Own Lab - I'm presenting and demonstrating how to do it at the DFW-Cisco Users Group meeting this Wed March 5. This is all about how to get IPv6 "routed/real connectivity" via an IPv4 only connection from your ISP.  http://t.co/lR1d49KxSZ

This presentation is similar to the webinar I did a few weeks here at gogo6TRAINING, and as well similar to the How to Build Your Own IPv6 Lab workshop I am doing this Thur March 6 here at…


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Free webinar class: How to Choose the best IPv6 Transition Mechanism by Alvaro Vives

Join me in my free webinar class: How to Choose the best IPv6 Transition Mechanism on:


March 4 at 18:00 Central European Time (GMT+01:00) / 9:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-08:00)

What time is that for me?




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How To Build Your Own IPv6 Lab webinar class by Jeff Carrell

Join me in my free How To Build Your Own IPv6 Lab webinar class, on:

February 20 at 9:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-017:00) → What time is that for me?


→ …


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IPv6 Security for Enterprise Webinar (Posted in February 15th)

A next webinar from Gogotraining I attended recently. I surely have the prerequisites of IT Security, Advanced Networking, etc. before attending that but this is the IPv6 of all the prerequisites I learnt.

There are various IPv6 versions of the technologies that you can use for your computers, servers and other networking devices but you should take note that some of the IPv4 technologies are gone completely in IPv6.

Having IPv6 opens doors to more hosts but it can be more…


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IPv6 Essentials Webinar from Gogotraining (February 5)

This is by far the first time I attended the Webinar from GogoTraining. It may be equivalent to the MVA Jump Start where you can put in questions and comments and of course, you don't even need the GoToWebinar account to attend those Webinars.

This one lasts an hour and the training starts in two days starting today Singapore Time. I already attended this training at 2AM today and the training ended at 3AM with questions taking 30 minutes to be answered. But that's not all, there will…


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