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My Presentation at gogoNET LIVE!

IPv6 service at AT&T.

AT&T has dual stack service avaialble for its enterprise ISP service (some speed/feeds/footprint issues are still being filled out). Fall 2011 AT&T is conducting internal (employee) trials for IPv6 for AT&T broadband. Expect to see IPv6 for legacy DSL EOY 2011 and on U-Verse 2Q2012.  I will share our initial plans for deploying IPv6 for broadband using 6rd.

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My Presentation at gogoNET LIVE! 2

Client and server products for a trial and beyond
My presentations will cover gogo6 products for doing a trial today, both the network part of it as well as the solution for getting IPv6 into the home. It will also cover the evolution from a trial into early IPv6 production in an IPv4 scarce world and beyond.

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My Talk at gogoNET Live 2 (November 3rd, 11:30 am): Think Big - Enabling A Scalable IPv6 Migration

Our IPv6 customers rely on us to support their massive bandwidth demands and device growth by implementing (IPv6-ready) switches, routers, and application delivery solutions into its geographically distributed network. By leveraging IPv6 ready infrastructure, we enable one of our customers to now operate the largest IPv6 Internet backbone in the world, measured by the number of networks connected. As of January 2011, one of our customer became the first Internet backbone worldwide to connect…


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Performing a network inventory in advance of doing an IPv6 deployment

In my talk at gogoNET Live!2 I will provide a practical guide to preparing for an IPv6 transition, including the steps to secure and transition to IPv6. I will also cover an approach that drives business/IT alignment that encompasses implications of IPv6 beyond just the network. 

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Presentation on Enterprise Deployment Experiences

In my talk at gogoNET Live!2 I will share many of the lessons learned and experiences from an enterprise deployment of IPv6 in the Department of Defense.  Some of the topic areas include security, addressing plans, business case, challenges with vendor products, network management, and problems with privacy addressing.


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My Presentation at GogoNET Live:

IPv6 has an abundant toolbox for integrating into an established IPv4 network. But which one is right for your network? My short presentation will give you some perspective on what technologies are available and which ones are right for you.

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gogoNET LIVE!2 talk: IPv6 migration

The purpose of my presentations is to focus on how Enterprises can easily provide IPv6 services (web, mail, etc.) using their existing servers/applications. I'll go over:

   • the pre-requisites - they are not many J

   • and the "gotchas"

and will provide a live demo.


I also plan to conduct a hands-on workshop where up to 20 people will be able to configure IPv6 migration themselves using A10 Networks AX appliances.


But I won't forget the Service Providers! I'll… Continue

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My Workshop at gogoNET Live

IPv6 Transition Deployment: Architectures and Lessons Learned

[Intermediate to Advanced]

This session will detail real-world lessons learned and new Best Practices yielded from dozens of production IPv6 and NAT deployments (both large and small). While basics will be briefly discussed as they relate to each topic, this session is targeted at those already comfortable with IPv6 fundamentals who are early in their own production/trial deployments. Categories of topics include… Continue

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My talk at gogoNET LIVE! 2011: Migration to IPv6 in Telecom Italia

The purpose of my presentation is to discuss Telecom Italia’s experience in the IPv6 migration.

I’m going to talk about the drivers and the requirements that guided the design of our IPv6 network architecture, the process we have been following for the IPv4/IPv6 transition and the challenges we have been dealing with for the IPv6 deployment. 

I look forward to seeing everyone there!


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My gogNet Live 2 Talk!


Abstract: This session highlights SP and Enterprise IPv6 deployment techniques in core networks for native IPv4 and MPLS core environments. Multiple tunneling and dual-stacked approaches will be briefly discussed.

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What I'll be talking about at gogoNET LIVE!

My talk will focus on IPv6 trials.  Ever ask yourself how you get some v6 into your network at minimal risk?


I'll look at a few different scenarios and how the risks can be mitigated.

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Talk about NANOG at gogoNET LIVE!

I'm giving a talk about the North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) at gogoNET LIVE!


First, I'll explain what NANOG is, and why you should get involved.  (If you want a preview, see http://www.nanog.org.)


Then, I'll give an overview of some recent activities about IPv6 at NANOG, including talks and tutorials at recent conferences and discussions on our mailing list.


I'll close with some personal…


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IPv6 Please, Urgently!

A common misconception is that “we” need IPv6, when it’s more about "them" needing it – your customers, prospects, students, constituents, investors and more.  Are you reaching out to "them" globally or locally via a local emerging ISP with only IPv6 service?  If so, you needed IPv6 yesterday!  Learn how Laurentian University implemented their complete Internet-facing website with IPv6 in 90 days.

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My Presentation at gogonet - Deploying IPv6 in Mobile Networks

Mobile and Cellular networks have some special considerations for IPv6. This is partly due to the fact that there are some extra standards and requirements from different 3G and 4G standardization bodies. There are additional complexities caused by device manufacturers, mobile OS vendors, application vendors and network providers.  I'll provide an overview of these issues, with recommendations on how to ensure you are ready for IPv6.

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my talk at GoGo6Live : From IPv6 day to IPv6 every day


We will briefly look at the futility and danger of staring too long at the bottom of the IPv4 address barrel.   

IPv6 is not just about IP addresses, it is a gamechanger and we have take-off. The 'brokenness' issue will soon belong to the past and to conclude we will look at some IPv6 moneytrails.


Looking forward to see you all in San Jose



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My Presentation at gogoNET LIVE! 2: IPv6 transit and peering

On Thursday, 3 November, I will give a talk on the who, how and why of IPv6 transit and peering.

I will be covering who to Peer with, who to buy Transit from and more importantly; how to set up those peering sessions - and, of course, why.

My talk will cover all the basics and also many of today's hot topics like max prefix limits, address and prefix filtering, IPv4 vs IPv6 BGP peering sessions, IPAM, and more.

I hope to see you there! Bring your questions, and hopefully…


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My presentation at Gogonetlive 2011 on Infoblox IPv6 based DNS, DHCP and IPAM.

I will be presenting features that Infoblox offers which enable the IT professional to deliver IPv6 based DNS, DHCP and manage IPv6 address space using Infoblox IPAM tools.

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Training for the IPv6 Trials and Beyond

The biggest risks faced by IT organizations transitioning to IPv6 is failing to make the most of this once in decades opportunity to build the best IT infrastructure for the business. The main driver for this risk is lack of knowledge about the protocol and its capabilities. My talk will detail the knowledge that should be delivered to the right audience in preparation of an IPv6 trial and in the larger context of an education strategy at corporate level, the right education for a successful… Continue

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My presentation at Gogonetlive 2011 on Vendor Evaluation

Choosing products and services for your IPv6 network offers an opportunity to reassess your vendor portfolio for the future. The fact that a vendor and a product line perform well in an IPv4 network doesn't necessarily mean they also do in an IPv6 network. This session covers how to define your IPv6 requirements and what you should consider in choosing your vendors and products for your IPv6 network.…


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My talk at gogoNET LIVE! 2011: IPv6 Security Impact on Existing Infrastructure

How to preserve the integrity and resiliency of your existing infrastructures while adding IPv6 capabilities will be the focus of this talk.  It will detail security considerations for running coexisting IPv4/IPv6 infrastructures and enumerate what features and capabilities exist in shipping products today.  Some ongoing standards work will also be discussed.

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