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My presentation at Gogonetlive 2011 on Infoblox IPv6 based DNS, DHCP and IPAM.

I will be presenting features that Infoblox offers which enable the IT professional to deliver IPv6 based DNS, DHCP and manage IPv6 address space using Infoblox IPAM tools.

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DNS hosting over IPv6

Our own DNS hosting service (stellardns.com) is now officialy "open" for business.  All of our 4 DNS servers are accesible via ipv4 but ofcourse also via ipv6. 


Woodstone (www.woodstone.nu) who operates stellardns.com, has had IPv6 options in it's network monitoring application Servers Alive since a long time.  The next version (currently in beta and available from http://beta.woodstone.nu) has even…


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Workig on an IPv6 DNS service

I'm working on a public DNS service where you can register your domains and records. Basic functionality is almost done. How it works is basically users register their domains and DNS records such as AAAA like you would do on your hosting service or some such, and the system generates the config file and the zone files. Then a DNS server loads the files and works as their primary/secondary domains.

I don't know this is useful or not, but I've learned a lot of things while developing… Continue

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Ipv6 ReverseZone Generator [Bind8/9]

for everyone thats going to host his own Ipv6 DNS Server

for managing his own Ipv6 RDNS Records

and for thoose who are new in Ipv6 and RDNS

there is a simple RDNS-Zone OnlineGenerator for Bind8 and 9

You can find it here: http://www.fpsn.net/index.cgi?pg=tools&tool=ipv6-inaddr

great Service in my mind!

A second one i can suggest is an Online Subnet Calculator for… Continue

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Google over IPv6 "gotcha"

One of my colleague made me aware of this one today. I've seen this page in the past [http://www.google.com/intl/en/ipv6/] from Google and their IPv6 and didn't really read allt he details until today.

"Normally, if a DNS resolver requests an IPv6 address for a Google web site,

it will not receive one…

…but a DNS resolver with Google over IPv6 will receive…

Added by Nicolas Filion on February 1, 2010 at 4:17pm — 4 Comments

Google is now IPv6 on Freenet6

After some tweaking together with Google to make sure access is good we have now enabled native IPv6 access to the Google services for Freenet6 Tunnel users. This means that you can access www.google.com and most other Google services using IPv6 when you are connected using Freenet6. This is different than ipv6.google.com which only gives IPv6 access to search but nothing else and requires you to use a different domain name.

What you need to do to… Continue

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