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My Talk at gogoNET Live 2 (November 3rd, 11:30 am): Think Big - Enabling A Scalable IPv6 Migration

Our IPv6 customers rely on us to support their massive bandwidth demands and device growth by implementing (IPv6-ready) switches, routers, and application delivery solutions into its geographically distributed network. By leveraging IPv6 ready infrastructure, we enable one of our customers to now operate the largest IPv6 Internet backbone in the world, measured by the number of networks connected. As of January 2011, one of our customer became the first Internet backbone worldwide to connect…


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My Presentation at gogoNET LIVE! --- IPv4 depletion and DNS in an IPv6 enviroment

Stephan Lagerholm is a Senior DNS architect with the DNS vendor Secure64. He has successfully created a model to predict the central IANA IPv4 depletion date and analyze the “end game” in detail. His findings are published on his blog www.ipv4depletion.com. Stephan will share his findings and highlight some key dates for IPv6 readiness. …


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Announcing DNS64-NAT64 opensource implementations

This is to announce the availability of two NAT64-DNS64 open-source implementations by Viagenie, 

as follows:





this implementation of NAT64 is made by modifying the PF packet filter

available on BSD systems. A new 'nat64' statement is created in the

pf.conf file to enable the nat64 functionality.

Linux Netfilter:

The implementation of NAT64 for linux is available as a kernel module.

It uses Netfilter's…

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