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IPv6 Only OpenStack Cloud in Production

Over the May 23 weekend Nephos6 helped set up and monitored the first production, IPv6 only OpenStack cloud at University of Luxembourg to provide European Union parliamentary election results in Germany. Nephos6 Sonar product was used for scale testing and monitoring.

The IPv6 traffic accounted for 5% of the overall traffic and everything went flawlessly.

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The IPv6 Essentials - Silver Cert. Prerequisite webinar class by Jeff Carrell

Join me in my free IPv6 Essentials - Silver Cert. Prerequisite webinar class, on:

Thursday March 20 at 9:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-17:00) → What time is that for me?

Wednesday March 26 at 2:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-09:00) →…


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DFW Texas folks - IPv6: Build Your Own Lab preso/demo at DFW-CUG March 5

IPv6: Build Your Own Lab - I'm presenting and demonstrating how to do it at the DFW-Cisco Users Group meeting this Wed March 5. This is all about how to get IPv6 "routed/real connectivity" via an IPv4 only connection from your ISP.  http://t.co/lR1d49KxSZ

This presentation is similar to the webinar I did a few weeks here at gogo6TRAINING, and as well similar to the How to Build Your Own IPv6 Lab workshop I am doing this Thur March 6 here at…


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How To Build Your Own IPv6 Lab webinar class by Jeff Carrell

Join me in my free How To Build Your Own IPv6 Lab webinar class, on:

February 20 at 9:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-017:00) → What time is that for me?


→ …


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IPv6 Essentials Webinar from Gogotraining (February 5)

This is by far the first time I attended the Webinar from GogoTraining. It may be equivalent to the MVA Jump Start where you can put in questions and comments and of course, you don't even need the GoToWebinar account to attend those Webinars.

This one lasts an hour and the training starts in two days starting today Singapore Time. I already attended this training at 2AM today and the training ended at 3AM with questions taking 30 minutes to be answered. But that's not all, there will…


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Special Report on IPv6 & The Internet of Things

February is Internet of Things month at gogoNET.  Why?  Because the Internet of Things just may be that elusive killer app we've been looking for all these years.  And secondly, over 80% of gogoNET members who responded to our poll believe they will be implementing IoT during their career.

To define the state of the art in IoT networking we tapped the world's leading…


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Learn How to Secure IPv6 Before Deployment in my Webinar Class

Join me in my free webinar class, IPv6 Security for Enterprise by Scott Hogg held on:


February 13 at 9:00 AM US/Pacific Time (GMT-08:00) → Click to calculate your time


February 13 at 4:00 PM US/Pacific Time (GMT-08:00) → Click to …


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Free webinar class: IPv6 Essentials by Alvaro Vives

Join me in my free webinar class: IPv6 Essentials by Alvaro Vives on:

February 4 at 19:00 Central European Time (GMT+01:00) / 1:00 PM US/Eastern Time (GMT-05:00)


February 5 at 11:59 Central European Time (GMT+01:00) / 7:00 PM US/Eastern Time…


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gogoNET LIVE 4! IPv6 Conference Recap

There have been many IPv6-related conferences, seminars, and events over the past decade. These events have aimed to educate the attendees about IPv6 and the potential of the maturing Internet protocol. This year’s gogoNET IPv6 conference shows just how far these events have come. The gogoNET LIVE! events have also…


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IPv6 Essentials by Jeff Carrell

Join me Thursday January 23, 2014, in my free IPv6 Essentials webinar class.

-->> Register for my Free Webinar Class -- and get my personal IPv6 Essentials Book List

I will cover a quick history of IPv6, IPv6 address basics which include types and use in applications, IPv6 default…


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Lots of IPv6 Security at gogoNET LIVE 4!

I hope you are all planning on attending gogoNET LIVE 4! either physically or virtually.  There is going to be a lot of sessions focused on IPv6 Security.


I am excited to be part of a panel on IPv6 Security with the experts: Eric Vyncke, Joe Klein, and Sam Bowne.

There is going to be an entire section of IPv6 Security presentations on Tuesday.…


Added by Scott Hogg on October 28, 2013 at 4:38pm — 1 Comment

IPv6-Enabled (Cyber-) Security The Shifting Security Paradigm

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein


The slides attached are from a presentation last week at Internet Security Days in Phantasialand Bruehl, Germany. This set of slides is a rethink about network architecture, operations and security, based on new technology and practices made available in IPv6.

A defensible…


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How efective is your IPv6 enablement?

Whether you are an IPv6 enthusiast who managed to get your IT organization excited about the opportunities offered by the IPv6 transition or you are an IPv6 pragmatist who is, for now, focused on managing the potential risk of an unmanaged transition, it is time to take IPv6 seriously. We cannot claim to be serious about IPv6 unless we can quantify the effectiveness of our IPv6 enablement and unless we have the tools to measure the performance of our IPv6 enablement.

To get…


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IPv6 routing protocol redistribution


Though the transition period from IPv4 to IPv6 is going to last for a long time in which both protocols will coexist, we shouldn’t forget that the final goal of IPv6 is to completely replace IPv4.

The best way to gain more experience with the new intricacies and challenges of IPv6 is to test IPv6-based services in the presence of IPv4 as well in a pure IPv6 environment.

The purpose of this lab is to test…


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Ipv6 NAT-PT Transition

NAT-PT method allows IPv6-ONLY nodes to communicate with IPv4-ONLY nodes or vice-versa, a sort of gateway for IPv4/IPv6 networks, so dual stack is needed ONLY on the NAT-PT device.

This Transition method could be useful when IPv6 is be the predominant connectivity type with a need to connect to specific IPv4 nodes, in their way to die out. Although this method is deprecated, it could be an excellent introduction to understand NAT64/DNS64.

Depending on your needs you can use…


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When do we Turn Off the Lights on IPv4?

We put this question to the gogoNET community and the answer may surprise…

Added by Bruce Sinclair on July 19, 2013 at 12:04pm — 3 Comments

Manual IPv6 GRE tunnel over IPv4

By definition, GRE is used to encapsulate IP/non-IP protocols into IPv4/IPv6, in the following lab we will encapsulate IPv6 into IPv4, so the outer packet has IPv4/6 source and destination addresses and the inner packet GRE, has IPv6 source and destination addresses (figure 1).

Figure 1: Packet encapsulation…


Added by A. J. NOURI on June 17, 2013 at 8:00am — 3 Comments

Ipv6 QoS

If you already grasp QoS concepts for IPv4, IPv6 QoS is a piece of cake!

As with IPv4, IPv6 uses MQC (Modular QoS CLI) to configure Diffserv (Differentiated services) QoS.

IPv6 QoS is very similar to IPv4 QoS except for some details:

  • NBAR, the first version, doesn't support IPv6.
  • cRTP (Compressed-RTP).
  • No way to match directly RTP.
  • CAR (Committed Access Rate) replaced by CB- Policing…

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Less Talk and More Walk



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IPv6 EIGRP and IPV4 EIGRP are very similar in concept except for the following differences:

  • IPv6 is configured on interface basis (like OSPFv3 and RIPng) and networks are advertised based on interface command.
  • When configured on interface, IPv6 EIGRP is initially placed in “shutdown” state.
  • As with OSPFv3, IPv6 EIGRP require a router-id in IPv4 format.
  • Passive interfaces can only be…

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