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IPv6 with Windows 8 (With reference to Building Windows 8 Blog)

OK, it seemed that Microsoft was one of the participants in World IPv6 Launch day. It was a great opportunity for the company. For me, I took a great opportunity to get IPv6 enabled as well as I’ve been using the GogoClient for this. It may be an important protocol for the future of technology and if you’re not aware of it and you’re still surfing the net like that, I can say it’s a shame on you. The shame is even more real for saying that the IPv6 is not important and…


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Hurricane Electric IPv6 Update

Note: This was posted in February 6th this year.

Even Hurricane Electric has mailed me this IPv4 depletion article because I already had a tunnel broker assigned between Hurricane Electric and my DIR-615 wireless router. I finally assigned my DIR-615 IPv6 configuration correctly despite running out of IPv4 addresses. Using the Tunnel Broker mode for my DIR-615, I entered these infos taken from the Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker I got. Looks like things…


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No more addresses for IANA

Note: This was posted in February 4th this year.

Even though IANA had run out of IPv4 addresses, the matter is pretty minor or normal so we are not cut off completely. It’s still as normal as ever but right now, something good and special is ongoing to us like the Lunar New Year celebration. I had heard that the celebration in China will last for about a month but here, it will last us 15 days. For my Lifecam HD camera, guess what, I may have to turn off…


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Every network is dying ducks in 100 more days

Note: This was posted in Blogger in November 22nd last year.


We don’t believe what I discovered today at Neowin.net. The networking still uses IPv4 and the persons with the opportunity and ideas about IPv6 have the chance to fulfill the configuration of IPv6 networking. The business should still use the decent computer technology like using Windows 7 for decent works but then everyone screws things up! OK, I swear that the home networks are…


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Static Ipv6 Address under Windows

Windows is usaly requesting 2 Ipv6 Addresses from your "Ipv6 Router" a preffered one and an temporary one

In most cases windows will choose the temporary Address for most outgoing Ipv6 Connections

The temporary Ipv6 Address will usaly change on every reboot.

Windows does this to ensure an given privacy in Ipv6 for the Client but its realy bad if you want or need a static

Address assigned to your pc

A simple Way to deactivate the privacy feature on the… Continue

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Windows frustrations and info on IPv6

At one point, I was interested in testing encryption features in IPv6 on test machines. I quickly found the essentially-beta IPv6 stack for XP had no support but I was surprised to find out Server 2003 didn't support it either:


"the IPSec implementation that comes with Server 2003’s IPv6 doesn’t support ESP data encryption,… Continue

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