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gogoNET LIVE! 2010 Slides

Want to see what you missed at gogoNET LIVE!? PDF files are currently available here and after post production we will add the dual-stream videos of each presentation... so stay tuned!


Our technical workshops go beyond information by teaching certain aspects of v6 in a classroom setting often augmented with hands-on tutorials in order to build knowledge

Workshop 1: IPv6…


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Deploying IPv6 in Mobile Networks - A new white paper available for download

We have just made available a new white paper entitled "Deploying IPv6 in Mobile Networks", outlining a number of alternatives for getting mobile networks IPv6 capable.

From the introduction:

Mobile networks, whether based on GSM, UMTS or CDMA standards, are rapidly shifting towards

supporting IP-based data services and are no longer used exclusively for voice and…

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Blogs Moved from go6.net to gogoNET

We have moved our legacy blogs from go6.net to this site as part of the overall transition to gogoNET. Because the two blogging systems (Wordpress and Ning) are not compatible we have lost all comments on these entries. So, take this as an invitation to make new comments. Thanks.

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IPv6... more than half Top Level Domains not really on top.

Posted by Yves Poppe, our guest blogger

At the recent ISOC Asia (1) conference in Kuala Lumpur a rather innocuous coffee break question was raised: could any one around the table name some of the major TLD’s still delinquent in their IPv6 support ? Nobody could answer on the spot but the question intrigued me.

A logical place to start looking for an answer was ICANN (2). Their Kim Davies provided a rather revealing perspective in a presentation (3) at ICANN 34 in… Continue

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IPv6, LTE and IPSO… Not So Long Term Evolution to 50 billion devices

Posted by Yves Poppe, our guest blogger

Who would dare to predict the year the internet will reach 50 billion addressable devices?

Thomas Noren, head of LTE product development at Ericsson sees (1) one day 50 billion devices shouldered by LTE. He sees LTE as the truly global standard putting to rest the long and acrimonious rivalry between CDMA and GSM protagonists and even sees the Chinese third way with their TD-SCDMA aligned on LTE. Mobile Wimax is, in his mind,… Continue

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IPv6... does LTE stand for Not So Long Term Evolution ?

Posted by Yves Poppe, our guest blogger

The Wall Street Journal reported (1) that AT&T saw wireless networks about to drown under a deluge of data. To see Youtube content uploaded form an iPhone or Slingbox rerouting a favourite television program to your smart phone gives mobile network operators the shivers. Skype over 3G in the meantime gives sleepless nights, not because of surging megabyte floods but due to nightmares of considerable voice and roaming revenues washing… Continue

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IPv6... Canada about to score?

Posted by Yves Poppe, our guest blogger

USA-Canada World Championship hockey games never fail to elicit great excitement. In the IPv6 adoption world league however, the US seems to have a convincing lead over their northern neighbour but the game is not over yet, here come the Canucks.

Internet evolution, and IPv6 in particular, were the major themes at the issac (1) (ICT Standards Advisory Council of Canada) Plenary meeting (2) in Ottawa mid April. Presentation of… Continue

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IPv6... a case of confirmation bias

Posted by Yves Poppe, our guest blogger

Is the glass half full or half empty? The human reflex of selective deafness to information or arguments countering one’s established believes lives on. The ISOC organized lunchtime IPv6 panel (1) at IETF 74 in San Francisco illustrates the point. The half full perception is exemplified by one write-up (2) on the event, the half-empty by another (3). A third write-up (4) seems to be the closest to what constitutes objectivity,… Continue

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IPv6... floating on the ethernet

Posted by Yves Poppe, our guest blogger

Anything to be aware of on layer 2 when activating dual stack ? IPv4 and IPv6 should after all peacefully and safely coexist on the same network as each version has a specific layer 2 ethernet type, 0x0800 for IPv4 while IPv6 responds to 0x86dd. The value of this field tells the node which layer 3 protocol follows in the ethernet frame. Is this new? Not really, this was defined in RFC 2464 (1) in December 1998, more than a decade ago.… Continue

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IPv6... the Internet Dragon stirred under its shell

Posted by Yves Poppe, our guest blogger

At Cisco Networkers (1) in Barcelona earlier this week, some of us saw a dragon try to wiggle out of its shell, provided you connected in IPv6 that is. A smile to Kame (2), the turtle which only danced under a IPv6 caress.

Networkers 2009 saw more than 3000 attendants and a good complement of IPv6 presentations highlighted by a high powered plenary panel on the status of IPv6. It was chaired by Pat Calhoun, Cisco CTO, with… Continue

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IPv6... the year the NAT-enforced IPv4 dam showed seepage

Posted by Yves Poppe, our guest blogger

We don’t give enough credit to people who will sacrifice themselves trying to plug the IPv4 dam with some NAT-putty. They even dream of a NAT66 filled afterlife. The growing IPv6 traffic trickle was given evidence at the recent RIPE 57 (1) meeting in Dubai in a number of presentations, including a most edifying Google presentation (2). Noteworthy to see France with a 0.65% IPv6 penetration, largely courtesy of free.fr (2), a major ISP… Continue

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IPv6... Zeno’s paradox and invisible brick walls

Posted by Yves Poppe, our guest blogger

As we continue our ride toward the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, Regional Internet Registries public discussion groups such as the ARIN PPML (1) mailing list remain filled with endless discussions on how large swaths of allocated IPv4 addresses are unused, should be reclaimed or recycled one way or another, maybe be put on the free market and sold to the highest bidder or parsed out in more egalitarian controlled… Continue

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IPv6... finally getting closer to home

Posted by Yves Poppe, our guest blogger

Presentations at successive IPv6 related forums, summits and other conferences tend to become rather repetitive and some even in need of an urgent slide dust-off. Luckily some fresh perspectives emerge occasionally such as at the Taiwan IPv6 Summit (1) early September. Being in the market for a new home router, I could not but pay attention to a presentation (2) by D-Link extolling their IPv6 support for home routers! Back here in… Continue

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