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Special Report on IPv6 & The Internet of Things

February is Internet of Things month at gogoNET.  Why?  Because the Internet of Things just may be that elusive killer app we've been looking for all these years.  And secondly, over 80% of gogoNET members who responded to our poll believe they will be implementing IoT during their career.

To define the state of the art in IoT networking we tapped the world's leading…


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Top 6 Reasons to Attend gogoNET LIVE! 4

Are you planning to introduce IPv6 into your network, service or app in the next 12 months?  Do you have a networking background but are still a little shaky on IPv6?

If so, gogoNET LIVE is just the conference for you.

The march to IPv6 is upon us and gogoNET LIVE!’s sole purpose is to help you navigate your way to a successful IPv6 implementation.

IPv6 is the…


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The IPv6 Wave is Moving... Just not as Expected

I loved my v6 wave diagram. It made perfect analytic sense to me; anyone could see this is how the market would adopt IPv6. The crest of the wave starts over the Investigation phase of IPv6 and then over time flows over Research, Trial and then Deployment - the sequential stages of IPv6 adoption. I held tightly to this diagram for as long as I could but Serge hated it. As we were walking out of our third pitch meeting of the day on Sand Hill Road he turned toward me and ordered…


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When do we Turn Off the Lights on IPv4?

We put this question to the gogoNET community and the answer may surprise…

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Less Talk and More Walk



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Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

The theory put forward by the IETF was simple enough… while there were still enough IPv4 addresses use transition technologies to migrate to dual stack and then wean IPv4 off over time. All nice and tidy. The way engineers, myself included, liked it. However those controlling the purse strings had a different idea. There's was, don't spend a cent on protocol infrastructure improvement until the absolute last minute - there's no ROI in IPv6 for shareholders. Getting in front…


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gogoNET LIVE! 3 in Review

gogoNET LIVE! 3 was another terrific meeting of the top IPv6 minds in the industry.  Day 1 consisted of four parallel workshop tracks ranging in difficulty from absolute beginner to expert.  Day 2 started with a keynote address from…


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Want to Host a Freenet6 POP?

Help!  Our Freenet6 service is straining to keep up with the increase in IPv6 traffic and users so we are looking for partners willing to host a Freenet6 POP.  Compounding this we recently lost our POP in Australia that was generously hosted by our close partner IPv6Now.

This is a great opportunity to help the…


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gogoCPE is now Available

After years of software development, prototyping, hardware design, testing, customer partnering and industrial design, the gogoCPE is finally available and ready for purchase!  From our experience in working with service providers on their IPv6 trials using our software client it became obvious that using software would not work en masse.  Functionality worked great; remembering to keep it always running - not so much.  So the idea of a hardware version of our software client was born in…


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Prepare for DEFCON3 on February 3, 2011

IANA’s unallocated pool of IPv4 addresses ran dry yesterday.  In a classic DEFence CONdition move, APNIC ran their address pool lower than usual to make a case to secure the remaining two unallocated /8 blocks of IPv4 addresses.  OK, now what?  Well this event, the policies around it and its ramifications were elegantly presented by Elise Gerich, Vice President, IANA and…


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16 Hours of IPv6 Videos for your Viewing Pleasure

Hello, we are happy to announce the videos from the inaugural gogoNET LIVE! conference are now available!  The gogoNET Video Series is the same length as a full TV season of Fringe but sports our own alternate universe we call IPv6.  So sit back and enjoy the full conference by watching all 60 IPv6 videos. For those…


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gogoNET LIVE! is Over; Long Live gogoNET LIVE!

Well, I for one is happy it’s over. Not in a bad way but gogoNET LIVE! consumed such a big part of my time and the time of others in gogo6 that putting it behind us means we are now free to focus on other priorities. But in the end it was definitely worth it.

On the plus side we had top-notch speakers that flew in from all over the world to share their v6 experiences. The event location was fun, the show ran smoothly and most important, conversations at the…

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Conference – Social Network Mashup

We hope to make gogoNET LIVE! a little different than most conferences by integrating the show with our gogoNET social network. Key in this is to change the dynamic between conference speaker and audience/attendee.

Each speaker’s profile page on gogoNET will soon contain their biography and a blog that provides information on the presentation they will be delivering at the show. This allows the audience to ask questions, make suggestions or start up a…

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Introducing gogoNET LIVE!

I have big news to announce. gogo6 in conjunction with the IPv6 Forum is pleased to announce gogoNET LIVE! – an IPv6 conference for gogoNET members. gogoNET LIVE! is simply a live version of gogoNET, providing an additional way for members to share their IPv6 experience. The conference will be held November 3 – 4, 2010 in the Silicon Valley, USA and there will be technical workshops on November 2. It will be an international event, with international presenters and attendees and the…

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Walking the Talk

When you sign up for gogoNET we ask a few questions such as, what network you’re migrating, where you are in the migration path, your job, etc... We ask these questions to kick-start your professional profile on gogoNET. The idea is, say you’re migrating your company’s mobile network to IPv6 and you are in the middle of building your test network. You, it turns out, are pretty much the company IPv6 expert. So where do you go for help? Who can you bounce ideas off? Well... you go to the…

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Buzzed in China

I’m currently in Beijing to speak at the v6 show and to visit some customers and prospects. The Global IPv6 and Next Generation Internet Summit 2010, which ended yesterday, was well run and full of great content from all the major players in China’s IPv6 scene. This includes the government, first and foremost followed closely behind by the four major operators: China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and Cernet. The buzz at the show…

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New Version of gogoSERVER with DS-lite and gogoCPE Support Now Available

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce the release of gogoSERVER 2.0 beta. This new version will support DS-lite and the soon to be released gogoCPE v6 adaptor.

A DS-lite deployment using the gogoSERVER is designed to be simple and inexpensive. The gogoSERVER is a 1U system designed exclusively for IPv6 deployment. It supports tens of thousands of hosts and can be easily connected to other gogoSERVERs to provide redundancy and load balancing. By starting out…

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Old Friends

We have this semi-funny cartoon called Paper Bag Head that tries to convey the message that there’s value in adding you picture to your profile on gogoNET. While in Bangkok I can say I experienced this value first hand... or should I say face to face.

The day before I was having a drink in my hotel lobby with Surapong, the country manager of our Thai sales partner FDS, discussing our upcoming meetings. While sipping my Lion… Continue

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Gun to the Head

Joy (pronounced Joey) and I had just driven an hour and a half through the rain and humidity on what should have been a 45 minute jaunt to meet with Che-Nan of Taiwan’s National Center for High-performance Computing. After signing in at the front desk the building’s lethargic security guard/receptionist pulls himself up and nonchalantly pressed an electronic gun to Joy’s forehead and pulls the trigger. After the click he moves toward me. As my mind flashes graining video of some… Continue

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