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I have some concerns regarding DS-lite concerning DSL access providers.

When the CPEs (DSL routers, specially residential) of DSL ANP do not support IPv6(including DS-lite) what options does it have for successful IPv6 adoption?

This is the situation for many ANPs. Almost all CPEs (DSL routers) are IPv4 only.

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Comment by Bruce Sinclair on February 29, 2012 at 10:49am

If router replacement is not an option (because of expense/support) you can use the gogoCPE adapter with the existing home networking equipment to provide v6 over v4 or v4 over v6 tunneling.  It supports the key protocols including DS-Lite.  http://gogoware.gogo6.com/4105/description.asp?product_id=180

Comment by James Knott on February 29, 2012 at 7:32am

The ADSL modems should be able to support IPv6, but as you mention, the router portion doesn't.  Newer routers are now supporting IPv6, so a router replacement should fix the problem.  The other way around is for the ISP to provide 6in4 tunnelling over existing equipment.

BTW, Comcast in the U.S. is switching all it's customers to IPv6 and providing IPv4 via 4in6 tunneling and large scale NAT with "DSLite".



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