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Want to see what you missed at gogoNET LIVE!? PDF files are currently available here and after post production we will add the dual-stream videos of each presentation... so stay tuned!


Our technical workshops go beyond information by teaching certain aspects of v6 in a classroom setting often augmented with hands-on tutorials in order to build knowledge

Workshop 1: IPv6 101

This workshop is intended for engineers with basic IPv4 knowledge. IPv6 basics will be introduced, including the transition technologies as well as several transition mechanisms.
Jordi Palet - CEO/CTO, Consulintel. Abstract
Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3

Workshop 2: Migrating Networks to v6

A technical workshop on a full range of CGNAT solutions and typical migration strategies for global service providers. The CGNAT solution enables service providers to confront the immediate challenge of rapidly depleting IP addresses and provide a transition strategy.
Anjana Kambhampati - Juniper Networks, No Presentation Available

Workshop 3: IPv6 Hands-on Lab (Only available to the first 40 registered attendees)

This hands-on workshop is designed for network engineers interested in deploying IPv6. Prior basic understanding of v6 addressing, neighbour discovery and routing protocols as well as Cisco IOS and CLI would be a plus.
Salman Asadullah - Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Systems and Fellow at IPv6 Forum. Abstract, No Presentation Available
Harold Ritter - Technical Leader, Cisco. Abstract, No Presentation Available


After spending years looking for the killer app that would accelerate v6 adoption it is has become clear that the killer
app is Internet continuity and migration will not occur until the "discontinuity event" - that is IPv4 address depletion.
Based on this premise the first day's agenda will include three tracks - Depletion, Pre-depletion and Post-depletion.

Conference Opening Address

Bruce Sinclair - CEO, gogo6 & Conference Co-Chair: Welcome to gogoNET LIVE! Presentation
Latif Ladid - President, IPv6 Forum & Conference Co-Chair Presentation

The Invention Of IPv6

Bob Hinden - Check Point Fellow, Check Point Software & Co-inventor of IPv6. Why was IPv6 invented?

Depletion - The "Discontinuity Event"

The Depletion Track zooms in and clearly describes this so called discontinuity event and its effect on the address
distribution chain for this will be the real starting point we've been waiting for. Within their presentations speakers will
address key question about the anatomy of depletion.
Elise Gerich - Vice President, IANA. Presentation
John Curran - President & CEO, ARIN. Presentation
Tony Hain - Technical Leader, Cisco & Stephan Lagerholm - Senior DNS Architect, Secure64 Software. IPv4 Depletion Models Presentation 1 Presentation 2
David Ward - CTO, Infrasctructure Products Group, Juniper Networks. Presentation

Keynote Panel: Key issues in IPv6 today

Vint Cerf (lead in to panel discussion via video), Elise Gerich, John Curran, Tony Hain, Stephan Lagerholm, David Ward, Latif Ladid and moderated by Bruce Sinclair. No Presentation Available.


The second track will prepare attendees for what needs to be done immediately before depletion. This begins with
planning and then moves into creating a test network either at work or, as is often the case, at home. Or it may have
to begin with convincing your boss to go v6 in the first place.

How Do I Convince My Boss To Go v6?

When technical reasons aren't enough
Silvia Hagen - CEO, Sunny Connection. Abstract Presentation

Planning for v6 Migration

Creating an effective transition plan
Stan Barber - Proprietor, Academ Consulting Services. Presentation

Creating a v6 Lab/Test Network

Setting up and getting the most out of your lab/test network
Jeremy Duncan - Senior Director of IPv6 Network Services, Command Information. Abstract Presentation

Creating a v6 Home/Test Network

When you can't do it at work... setting up and getting the most out of your home network
Carl Holzhauer - System Administrator, Service Spring Corp. Abstract Presentation


The third track will focus on key functionality that needs to be deployed after depletion. The two most important, transition & interoperability technologies and security will be addressed along with a discussion on home CPE devices.

Transition and Interoperability Technologies and Home CPEs

The technologies that will help us deploy and transition to IPv6
Tony Hain - Technical Leader, Cisco. Presentation
Alain Durand - Juniper. Presentation
Mikael Lind - CTO, gogo6. Abstract Presentation

IPv6 Security

How does v6 change security? What are the new features or changes in security for IPv6
Joe Klein - Cyber Security Principal Architect, QinetiQ. Abstract Presentation
Junaid Islam - CTO, Vidder. Abstract Presentation


The conference's second day's agenda will include two tracks: Vendor Products & Roadmaps and Best Practice Case Studies.

Day 2 Conference Opening Address

Bruce Sinclair - CEO, gogo6 & Conference Co-Chair. Anatomy of gogoNET Presentation
Mikael Lind - CTO, gogo6. Anatomy of Freenet6 Presentation
Ed Horley - Sr. Network Engineer, Peak IP Solutions. CAv6TF Update Presentation
Geof Lambert - IPv6 Forum, Leader & Pioneer. NAv6TF Update Presentation

Vendor Products and Roadmaps

The first track focuses on the commercial products needed to implement what was learned during the first two days. Vendors will discuss their current product lines and near term roadmaps.
John Lehane - Juniper Networks Presentation
Mikael Lind - CTO, gogo6. Presentation
Thomas Maufer - Director of Technical Marketing, Mu Dynamics. Presentation
Stephan Lagerholm - Senior DNS Architect, Secure64 Software. Presentation


The second track allows attendees to learn from best practice case studies on implementing IPv6 in the areas of government/enterprise networks, software development and content providers.

Migrating Government/Enterprise Networks to v6

How government and enterprise should prepare for the move to IPv6.
Dale Geesey - COO, Auspex Technologies. Abstract Presentation
John Baird - HPCMP IPv6 Implementation Manager. Abstract Presentation

Migrating Software to v6

What is involved in writing v6 capable applications and converting existing software v6?
Bill Cerveny - Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Arbor Networks. Abstract Presentation
Martin Levy - Director IPv6 Strategy, Hurricane Electric. Presentation

Migrating Content Provider Networks to v6

What pitfalls and issues have the leading content providers faced in enabling v6?
Kevin Karp - Director, IPv6Now. Abstract Presentation
Donn Lee - Sr. Network Engineer, Facebook. Presentation

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