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IPv6 Security for Enterprise Webinar (Posted in February 15th)

A next webinar from Gogotraining I attended recently. I surely have the prerequisites of IT Security, Advanced Networking, etc. before attending that but this is the IPv6 of all the prerequisites I learnt.

There are various IPv6 versions of the technologies that you can use for your computers, servers and other networking devices but you should take note that some of the IPv4 technologies are gone completely in IPv6.

Having IPv6 opens doors to more hosts but it can be more complex and difficult to configure due to larger amounts and I don't know if security is more improved in IPv6. If we use it soon with superior security, then there may be a chance that you may be more secured until the future where the current IPv6 securities are defeated for sure. It can somewhat not mean that IPv6 is better than v4 in terms of security power. The fight against the cyber-threats is never over.

Also, some of the useless and sensitive features for IPv6 are disabled by default such as Router Advertisements Type 0 for instance. Whatever that is, it is opening the doors to attackers like it is vulnerable to attack if enabled. There are some features I know of due to having used Windows Server. You can find DHCPv6 and IPv6 addresses in DNS and other Windows Server Administration Tools.

Sure, I know things about IPv6 but that's not enough knowledge I have. I don't know so much of IPv6 addresses, their classes, their subnets, etc. so I guess that the previous webinar was essential-friendly to me like it may be a first step. How do I set up one IPv6 stuff? I have no clue how to do that correctly. I'm more of the client of that new technology after all but I'm sure more of the IPv6 stuffs will be talked about here in the future.

Unfortunately, as this webinar is 1-hour with slides only, there wouldn't be enough opportunity to learn what I need due to the lack of demonstrations. Also, I don't know if both the webcam and screen video recording can be done at the same time for this type of webinar by one person only. If we can do such a thing to teach people these technical things, why don't we do this in educational webinars like this?

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Comment by Jeff Carrell (main gogo6 acct) on February 17, 2014 at 5:54pm

Tan, very good observations!!!! It is good you see that IPv6 is not exactly like IPv4. But do not fear, the gogoTRAINING team is here to assist :-)


I will be hosting a webinar this Thur Feb 20 on How To Build Your Own IPv6 Lab. Although it will not cover any security topics specifially, I will be talking about building an isolated lab system, generally like a "home lab", but it really does not matter where the lab is "built" (home, office, hotel room, coffee shop, etc). Also, I will briefly discuss some IPv6 address basics.


If you have Internet connectivity and it's only via IPv4, this lab system I will be talking about will provide real IPv6 connectivity as well. You can then add to the lab system any other operating system, application, etc., in order to learn alot more about IPv6.


My IPv6 essentials webinar from Jan 30 provided some other/different info in addition to what Alvaro's IPv6 essentials webinar provided. I will probably repeat my IPv6 essentials webinar in a few weeks.


Hope to "see you" this Thur for my  How To Build Your Own IPv6 Lab webinar class.




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