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IPv6 Transition Deployment: Architectures and Lessons Learned
[Intermediate to Advanced]

This session will detail real-world lessons learned and new Best Practices yielded from dozens of production IPv6 and NAT deployments (both large and small). While basics will be briefly discussed as they relate to each topic, this session is targeted at those already comfortable with IPv6 fundamentals who are early in their own production/trial deployments. Categories of topics include selection of topologies/HA/routing protocols, NAT64 and DNS64 best practices, things you DON'T need to deploy, and (often amusing) observations from a wide variety of deployments. Participants may bring laptops with their protocol analyzer of choice (Wireshark, tcpdump, etc.); ports will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

[Duration: ~3 hours, plus a 30min break in the middle]

Presenter: Jeff Hartley (CISSP/BCLP/BCNE), SP ADP SE, Brocade
Jeff currently specializes in the Application Delivery product line for Brocade, focusing on Service Providers and strategic initiatives. Having recently joined the "Vendor side of the table", Jeff spent the prior 15+ years in Service Provider Engineering, Information Security, and Management roles, at companies ranging from start-ups (MindSpring, Purewire) to large SP (Cox Communications, Bloomberg).

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