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SolidPBX™ Enterprise IPv4/IPv6 IP-PBX Appliance

SolidPBX™ is an advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) private branch exchange (PBX) appliance for the enterprise. The appliance has numerous telephony, PBX, security, and hospitality features, and can be managed using flexible user interfaces. SolidPBX™ operates on IPv4, IPv6 and dual-stack networks and has support for an expanding repertoire of hardphones, softphones, and other communications hardware.

SolidPBX™ works with a variety of external VoIP to analog gateways, with internal VoIP to analog gateways to be supported in the near future. It is also available on different server platforms and form factors, allowing customers to choose a system that fits their needs and resources. SolidPBX™ is available in three models: the Office edition for small to large enterprises, the Call Center Edition and the Hospitality Edition for hotels and resorts.

The PBX and automation features in SolidPBX™ include call detail records, cellphone integration, Hotdesk and Mobile workforce support, built-in Auto Attendant, E-mail integration, instant messaging support, intercom support, conference calls, and address books for domains and extensions. Numerous networking implementations and services such as DHCPv4, NAT, and SNMP are also supported.

Overview of SolidPBX is available at http://www.infoweapons.com/products/solidPBXOverview.php

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