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The IPv6 Forum Launches the IPv6 Education Certification Logo Program

TOKYO – BEIJING- PENANG-MALAYISIA- NEW HAMPSHIRE- USA - LUXEMBOURG, September 06, 2010– The IPv6 Forum Ready Logo Program Committee releases a new program: the IPv6 Education Certification Logo Program. This program defines and certifies courses, engineers and trainers with Silver & Gold Logo levels and requires IPv6 implementation on the web site of the education program.

A recent survey on IPv6 training and studies at universities and vendors has demonstrated that IPv6 training and courses are way too embryonic to have any critical impact. It is estimated that some 20 million engineers are working on the current Internet worldwide at ISPs, corporate and all other public and private organizations and they will need quality training on IPv6. This is a gigantic task since it’s the first upgrade of the Internet and most probably the last one for decades to come. The web site of the study can be seen here:http://www.training4ipv6.eu/

The IPv6 Forum Education Logo Program’s prime objective is to encourage and accelerate the education on IPv6 and promote thereby swifter adoption of IPv6 in the education curriculum and programs of the universities, research institutes, vendors and training specialists. This program is designed to increase practical engineering expertise and hands-on knowledge to tackle this large undertaking ahead of us extending thereby user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 will be deployed by qualified engineers.
”This program has been designed to prepare a wide range of players for the implementation and use of IPv6. It is intended as an aid to capacity building and a way to promote IPv6 awareness." states Dr. Vint Cerf, Honorary Chair, IPv6 Forum

”The IPv6 Forum wishes to recognize the IPv6 training experts for their pioneering work to be used as a precursor model encouraging the education sector in the universities and vendor training programs to adopt their quality training courses to win time and train qualified engineers to deploy IPv6 with expertise and quality." states Latif Ladid, President, IPv6 Forum, Senior Researcher at University of Luxembourg, Security and Trust (SnT) Center. Emeritus Trustee, Internet Society (ISOC)

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Comment by Latif Ladid on December 2, 2010 at 1:34pm
Naveen, It's a worldwide program. Rgrds, Latif
Comment by Naveen K Lakshman on November 12, 2010 at 3:41am
Hi Latif,

Is this IPv6 Certification program available in India.

Rgds, Naveen@CNLS


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